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DESIGNInside is the latest Mazda instrument layout of a large central dial with rectangular pods on either side of it. PRICINGPrices start at an impressively low $19,990 (plus on-roads) for the 2WD petrol manual and go up to $37,690 for the topline Akari with AWD diesel with auto.The familiar Mazda model names of Neo and Maxx are used for the CX-3, but are joined by two new ones. The small SUV market segment is becoming increasingly crowded, with something like 20 direct or semi-direct competitors to the Mazda CX-3. This was also the very first BMW car to be completely assembled in the United States of America. In the year 2002, BMW unveiled the Z3a€™s replacement vehicle, the Z4, at the Paris Auto Show.
None more so than the stylish new Mazda CX-3 when we drove it on an extended introductory drive program from Canberra to Sydney.
Strong styling, good pricing and Mazda’s longterm record in Australia seem sure to help it to the front few in the sales race, possibly even to number one.
The BMW Z3 was initially introduced as a vehicle for the 1996 model year, shortly after it was featured in the famous James Bond film Golden Eye. Instead of using the sophisticated multilink suspension of the E36, the E30a€™s rear semi trailing arm suspension was utilized on this make instead. Many along the way, on foot or in other vehicles noticed us as we passed by or stopped at traffic lights.Australia is one of Mazda’s biggest markets and we have been given the honour of being the first country outside Japan to receive the new CX-3.

A basic design of head-up display is fitted to some models and works reasonably well, but isn’t as good as the full-on HUD systems being used by others. On typical Aussie backroads it still has a degree of comfort that’s not always the norm in this class.The high(ish) seating position makes for easy ingress and egress as well as a better view of the traffic ahead. The car ended its production run in the year 2002, at which point very few changes had been made to the vehicle since its inception. Mazda’s general manager of the product division, Hitoshi Takeshita, attended the media launch of the vehicle, he has a strong engineering background and understands the minutest detail of his products - which include the Mazda2 on which CX-3 is based.Little brother to the big-selling Mazda CX-5, the CX-3 is instantly recognisable thanks to the Japanese maker’s big-grille styling theme. Having said that, the Mazda readout doesn’t disappear as soon as you put on polarising sunglasses. Eventually, however, BMW discovered that its 138 hp was not up to the expectations of the buying public.
The so-called Kodo shape has been around for some time and has certainly played its part in the sales race in Australia, lifting Mazda onto strong podium positions for several years now. A big plus from my point of view.Seats are well shaped and there’s a fair amount of space in the back.
The little turbo-diesel is woefully slow off the line until the turbocharger gets itself up and spinning. There is a full order book for the 447kW W12 until 2017 so there's no rush to bring the others online just yet.The 12-cylinder engine is 90 per cent new and 30kg lighter than the predecessor.

You can learn to drive around this problem but try for yourself during your private road test.Once the diesel is operating ‘on song’ it’s much better and the strong torque and quick action automatic transmission make for easy hillclimbing and safe overtaking.
Its revised internal lubrication prevents surge and collects oil from the turbos when it's on extreme angles. Peak torque of 900Nm from just 1350rpm and a range of driving modes — now becoming the norm for all-terrain vehicles — will churn through the soft or tough stuff.The Bentayga's eight modes of drive dynamics fit within what's known as "Charisma", with the ability to tackle snow, wet grass, sand, mud, gravel, comfort, sport.
This is increasingly unusual in this SUV class as many are now coming with drive only to two wheels. However, Mazda Australia feels that some owners will still want the added traction of all-wheel-drive for use in slippery conditions, such as in snowfields.
But don’t get too ambitious…Six-speed manual or automatic transmissions are offered, but the manual only comes with the front-wheel-drive petrol-engine combination.

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