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This is not a reference to a crash on Asian roads, but the fact that the whole Asian car industry has been thrown into chaos by the floods in Thailand.
On the one hand, finished cars are sitting on the dockside in Manila as the photograph shows, but on the other hand factories in the Philippines are having production delays because they cannot get the right components from Thailand. In this globalised world, virtually no car is built entirely in one country, so production depends on all factories in all countries working seamlessly. Now the Philippines has seen a 27.4% drop in export earnings from the car industry for the month of September. With most climate change experts saying that extreme weather events are likely to become more common, the industry is having to give serious thought to consolidating parts suppliers. One possible outcome could be sourcing more parts on a regional basis: European parts for European cars, so to speak. I will not provide a technical review of their products, nor claim their products are superior than the imported varieties. Your blog is so amazing also the post on your blog, it give me lot of knowledge regarding to those issue.. The company behind the car, formerly known as Factor Aurelio and now simply Aurelio after internal disagreements, the design of the car is certainly unique. Unsurprisingly, no performance or power figures have been announced but the car is reportedly made from fibreglass reinforced plastic as well as select carbon fibre components.
Kaya ko nga tinatanong e kung casing lang ginawa mo pwede ng tawaging gawa mo yung buo as an irony question. This car might be faster than those Hondas you specified, sinse it only weighs less than 1 ton. Stupid asshole comments, buti nga may ambition and guts pa tayo to prove to the world and to ourselves that hey we can do something this awesome as well!
Joined the GTspirit Club yet?Be the first to know about upcoming events and get a unique look behind the scenes at GTspirit. Vehicles stuck in gridlock along a main avenue during rush hour in Manila in January.Manila authorities are putting up pictures of speeding vehicles on an official website in an usual attempt to stop drivers breaking the law on the Philippine capital's sometimes hairy roads. Manila authorities are putting up pictures of speeding vehicles on an official website in an usual attempt to stop drivers breaking the law on the Philippine capital's sometimes hair-raising roads.
The snapshots, along with a listing of the speed of the vehicles and the time and date the photographs were taken, are designed to shame or even scare people into better driving.

The chairman of the authority, Francis Tolentino, said in a statement the pictures were part of a new automated system where drivers are sent their speeding tickets later rather than being apprehended on the scene. More than 7,000 drivers have been caught on camera and sent tickets for exceeding the 60 kilometre (38-mile) per hour limit at that part of the metropolis, he added. There has been a drop in the number of accidents on the highway as a result, he said without elaborating.
The automated picture system is only in force along the 12-kilometre Commonwealth Avenue, site of frequent accidents due to speeding. But Tolentino said he is studying putting the system in place in other major highways in the bustling city of over 11 million people. Australian research reviewers say "speed cameras" and other devices can cut vehicle accident rates by allowing officials to identify and charge speeders. The designs of passenger vehicles have been improving for years, becoming more protective of their occupants in crashes. If your family and friends approve of speeding, then chances are you are more likely to plant your foot on the accelerator, a study by Queensland University of Technology has found. Australia's largest study of young drivers has shown that risky driving habits are putting young drivers at a significantly increased risk of crashing, irrespective of their perceptions about road safety.
Results from Australia's largest study of young drivers have shown that they are at significant risk of crash on rural roads. Three years ago, the Federal Trade Commission dimmed hopes for the Brightest Flashlight app for Android, slapping its developer with charges of consumer deception.
Smart devices that wake up with voice commands have gained popularity in recent years, and now researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology have taken it one step farther: an always-on camera.
How can a drone get from one place to another in a forest, without colliding with any trees?
Futuristic dragonflies are flapping their wings in the Biomimetics Lab at the University of Auckland's Bioengineering Institute. As the Japanese earthquake showed, the most obscure factory can turn out to be the sole supplier of one vital part – in Japan's case it was a single supplier of electronic control systems that threatened to bring the global car industry to a shuddering halt. Sean McAlinden, chief economist for the Center for Automotive Research, said that an example of the problem was building "regional cars with global parts". Even western manufacturers have discovered that some of their components come only from one country on the other side of the world.

I believe that you should publish more about this topic, it may not be a taboo matter but typically folks don't speak about such topics. We have partners offering car, van and bus rentals, however with the accompaniment of the driver.
Beyond Italy, you’ll find Koenigsegg in Sweden, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz in Germany as well as many British marques like Aston Martin venturing into this heavily contested segment of the market.
One thing we can pretty much guarantee though is that the Aurelio will never catch on and be a success. With a passion for news driving him, Brad is always on the lookout for the latest developments in the industry. Huwag kang bitter, kung di ako nagkakamali makina lang naman ang hindi nila sariling gawa, tsaka hindi lang tayo ang gumagawa niyan.
Gumawa lang sila ng kaha ng sasakyan pwede bang sabihin na Philippines made na ang sasakyan?
How can a robot pick up a bolt and insert it into a casing, without smashing into any of the other moving objects in a crowded factory? The lowest cost factory for every single part is all very well, but if it leads to production cutbacks every time there is a natural disaster, those clever supply chains start to look a lot less clever. Hence a Toyota made in Europe, and only sold in Europe, could use parts that come only from Japan.
One place you definitely wouldn’t think of making their own supercars is Philippines but they’ve created just that! The size and weight of this car with these engines you have a very capable car, if they tuned the chassis and suspension correctly this car would put to shame a lot of cars on the road. Its 2014 so put at least a reliable 400HP engine then maybe you can call it a super car… Looks sexy though. Gerry Caroro, and his company, G-Car Motors, are aiming to bring electric cars within most everyone's reach. Btw these engines have so much support from aftermarket performance companies and is so tuner friendly some parts swapping and adding and these guys would be making unreal power.

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