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Tough safety and emission regulations mean farmer's favourite, the Land Rover Defender, will finish production in Solihull later on in the year.As it nears the end, the Midland manufacturer has hinted the Defender could live on, but outside of Europe.
Lada love: One dealer believes the rugged Lada Niva could become more popular in the coming yearsMark Key, who sells brand new Lada Niva 4x4s and vans in Northamptonshire, believes the versatility and robust nature of the vehicles could mean more people choose them in the coming years. Putin power: The Russian president gave Lada a plug back in 2009 - only to reveal he'd replaced the engine with a German built oneThe Niva launched in 1977 and gained a reputation for durability, making them ideal off-road machines. Hot wheels: The Queen regularly uses the Defender on the Sandringham Estate in NorfolkSo could we really see the Queen's favourite, the Defender, replaced by a randy Russian goat on farms up and down the country?

Well Skoda, another brand from the Eastern bloc a€“ in this case the Czech Republic a€“ which suffered from similar jokes a few decades ago has reinvented itself.A Its Fabia won car of the year for 2015 in the recent WhatCar?
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Despite steady sales in recent years, it appears to no longer fit in a world of hybrids and tougher criteria.But as a result of its demise, one car dealer believes there could be a boom in sales of a Russian badge which was a butt of many jokes in the Soviet era a€“ the Lada.
You can pick up the four-wheel drive version for two-wheel drive version of this for A?11,495 - less than the brand new Lada.A And people seem to like Dacias.

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