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If we can help you in any way with questions or a specific picture, you can call our office at (865)988-8088.
Hours Key Drop Box, Used Car Dealer Supplies, and much more to help organize and advertise your auto dealership. We are family owned, operated, and own our entire inventory, no consignments, and only deal in muscle cars and vintage auto. Most fail to pick it as a Korean price fighter.My good friend John, who has even more experience in the car game than me, even says he would choose a Cerato over a VW Golf. Use the CARFAX search as one important tool, along with a vehicle inspection and test drive, to make a better decision about your next used car. It's the Cerato SLi, which is $32,490 in sedan or hatch form.Naturally, it has that reversing camera, as well as leather seats and a sunroof.

He loves the quality, the quiet drive, the value and the warranty.Then again, he is 73 and would be considering it as his "last car" purchase. And I'm not really convinced that a bloke with an Alfa Romeo in the garage could really park his badge bias and go for a Kia.After my own pleasing time with the Cerato, I can see why John gives it his personal thumbs-up.Does the Kia Cerato SLi get your thumbs up too? From engine to cabin fittings, everything fits well.I'm driving it after recent time with the latest Honda Civic, which has a higher price but shows what Honda can still do when it gets serious about small cars, as well as a preview drive in the latest Mazda3. To contact us for more information, pictures, or any questions call our office at (865)988-8088 or visit our SmokyMountainTraders website. Each is superior to the Cerato but costs a lot more and can't match Kia's seven-year factory warranty, Australia's longest.On the roadIt would be very easy to live with a Cerato. On top of the warranty, the car is quiet and comfy, rides well and returns good fuel economy.Would I spend the extra for the SLi hatch?

Definitely not, and not only because the S Premium at $24,990 does everything I need.The SLi has a sunroof that severely compromises headroom in my test car. It's good to be driving with HID low-beam lamps but the high-beams are just "standard" halogen and that means there is almost no improvement in coverage when you flick to high.Lots of Japanese brands make the same mistake with a substandard high-beam. Put this down to the fact that Japan and Korea are flooded with street lamps and the car brands rarely do any after-dark driving in Australia where high-beam performance is a priority.With the Cerato, there is good news in almost every area. It might not handle as sharply as the latest Hyundai i30 but the set-up is good and works well in the SLI.I also like the SLi's paddle-shifters for working through the auto's six ratios.

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