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This preventative service may help your transmission shift better and longer, prolonging the life of your transmission. We use the latest diagnostic equipment and ASE-certified technicians to guarantee your vehicle is repaired or serviced properly and on time. It means that the computer in your car has detected a problem with one of the systems that affect exhaust emissions. It's not that difficult, many car dealers and repair shops deal with these problems every day. Your car has a computer called Powertrain Control Module or PCM that controls your vehicle's engine, transmission and emission control systems. Dealers have factory-trained technicians that are familiar with common problems in their cars and have manufacturer-provided technical support. Independent or franchise repair shops are usually less pricey, but a lot depends on the professional level of technicians, availability of proper testing equipment, latest service information and quality of replacement parts.
Another popular option is to take your car to an independent shop or a mechanic that specializes in your vehicle's brand. Some auto parts stores and independent auto repair shops offer to scan your car for free, in hopes that you will buy parts or do the repairs at their shop. There are hundreds of potential faults that can cause the Check Engine light, but several problems are fairly common. If the Check Engine light is blinking repeatedly, it means that the engine computer has detected that your engine 'misfires', or some of its cylinders are not working properly. If the light came on soon after the vehicle was serviced, it's reasonable to have the same shop re-check your car. A federal emission warranty covers major components of the emission control system such as the engine computer (PCM) and the catalytic converter for the period of 8 years or 80,000 miles (128,000 km in Canada). Pit Stop Automotive provides complete Automotive Diagnostics service including Check Engine Lights & ECU Scan. At Pit Stop Automotive, we check your car’s serious problems and restore it to manufacturer’s specifications. Diagnostic Code scanner is the latest scan tool based on new ELM processor with output WIFI interface. Please note:Transit time is beyond our control, we can only estimate approximate the arrival date. Before emissions laws were enacted, it was possible to build a car engine without microprocessors. Controlling the engine is the most processor-intensive job on your car, and the engine control unit (ECU) is the most powerful computer on most cars.
Please take a moment to browse through our site to learn more about our company and how we can show you the Steve's Auto Service difference. Affordable Car Computer Diagnostics, Check engine light, Codes, Electrical Diagnosis, curcuits, sensors and wiring harness. Our highly trained, ASE-certified technicians will make sure your vehicle meets all Pennsylvania standards and requirements. Some problems are minor and won't affect your vehicle's performance, but in other cases, driving with the Check Engine light may cause more damage to your vehicle. They have access to proper testing equipment and up-to-date repair information for your car. This is especially true for German or other European cars, since they have more complex electronics.
Google 'free check engine light scan' + ' your town' to find a shop that will scan your car for free. They include vacuum leaks, mass airflow sensor issues, misfiring, catalytic converter problems, Evaporative system (EVAP) leaks, oxygen sensor issues and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system problems. Driving with a misfiring engine could damage your catalytic converter, which is an expensive part.

In some cars, the string that holds the cap might get caught in the cap's thread and prevent it from sealing. Whether the problem is related to the last service or not, it's a common practice for reputable repair shops to assist their loyal customers as much as possible in cases like that. These ECU’s control the ABS Brakes, Traction, Engine Management, Transmission Management and Airbag Control. Designed to read and conveniently displays the data to your device like (Iphone, Ipad, Tablet or Laptop that has WIFI connection).
Why not trust your car to the company who knows the proper repair procedures from autobody all the way to the mechanical? The ECU uses closed-loop control, a control scheme that monitors outputs of a system to control the inputs to a system, managing the emissions and fuel economy of the engine (as well as a host of other parameters).
This may not sound fast compared to the 500- to 1,000-MHz processor you probably have in your PC, but remember that the processor in your car is running much more efficient code than the one in your PC. How fast can we fix your vehicle or how inexpensive are we?What is so special about our brake jobs?Big Trucks.Heavy Equipment. Not good!A regular oil change every 3,000 - 5,000 miles will keep your vehicle running smoothly and is essential to prolonging the life of your engine.
There are also a few things that you can check on your car yourself, but first, let's see how it works.
If the signal from any of the sensors moves out of expected range for a certain period of time, the PCM detects a fault, turns the Check Engine light on and stores the code related to the fault in its memory.
Some dealers and repair shops offer a free Check Engine light scan as a seasonal promotional.
If you check your owner's manual, it will probably suggest to reduce power and have your vehicle serviced immediately by your authorized dealer. If you did find that the gas cap wasn't tight, close it properly and if there are no other problems, the Check Engine light will reset by itself after a day or two of driving.
Your owner's manual describes how to check the engine oil level in the 'Maintenance' section. In our ECU scan process, we check your car to determine if there are any underlying problems. Gathering data from dozens of different sensors, the ECU knows everything from the coolant temperature to the amount of oxygen in the exhaust. At M & M, we offer a straightforward, no nonsense approach to reliable car care that makes maintaining your car easier and less stressful. Send Mike an email explaining your problem or questions and hea€™ll send you a response, asap. On the downside, repairs at a dealership tend to be more expensive when the car is out of warranty. Thanks to generous people that don't mind sharing their knowledge, there is plenty of information, how-to guides and videos available on the internet. The Volvo Service for Life program, for example, includes up to one hour of computer diagnostics. This system constantly monitors your car’s major operating systems to ensure that the car is performing at top efficiency with the lowest possible emissions. With this data, it performs millions of calculations each second, including looking up values in tables, calculating the results of long equations to decide on the best spark timing and determining how long the fuel injector is open. By comparison, you probably have at least 2 gigabytes (GB) of programs on your computer -- that's 2,000 times the amount in an ECU. To find the answer to these questions you will need to have your vehicle scanned and properly diagnosed. We need to constantly fine-tune this system with various parameters and if this is not done, your CHECK ENGINE LIGHT will light and warn you that your car is having a serious problem.
On board computers, relays, wires, switches, sensors, todays vehicles need more than a good mechanic.

Todays vehicles need a specialists that has been properly trained using the most modern diagnostic equipment.
Steve's Auto Service provides professional ASE certified mechanics that are trained to service your vehicle. Expert repairs and conveintly located in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, Steve's Auto Service can get your vehicle running like new again. If you don't want to throw away your good gas mileage or risk being stranded someday, you will get your cars computer hooked up to Auto Computer system scan machine like what you will see below here in Deland. BELOW: A Snap On brand of computer for electrical and sensor diagnosis for cars and trucks with on board computers. A car computer is a designated computer that was developed to manage the engine and driveline components.
The downside was that without them the autos were much less efficient and created much more pollution. In the 1990's auto manufactures began putting on board computers onto the new autos to improve vehicle efficiency, better fuel mileage and to reduce emissions as the Federal Government was now mandating for improvements. However now when things went wrong with the car, the shade tree mechanics could no longer fix them properly without computer diagnostic code scanners. Now it required professional mechanics with specialized training and new computer code scanning tools. Before we scan a vehicle for malfunction codes, 1st we look at the fuses and relays to make sure they are all in proper working order. We have to tell it, what brand, what make, what model, what year, what engine and other information so the diagnostic computer will know with precision exactly which auto it is examining.
Once it knows what it is looking for, then it will communicate with the cars onboard computer very well. Along with telling the car what to do, it also records what was done within parameters, what was done outside of parameters and what is not functioning at all. It actually remembers which auto components are refusing to communicate (broke totally) with the onboard computer along with which are out of operational parameters (misbehaving). Once we have access to this information, we know with precision where to go hunting for the malfunctioning component. Vehicle onboard sensors send data to the cars onboard computer which then controls many functions of the cars operational characteristics.
Ambient air temperature or (IAT), intake air temperature measures temperature of the air going into the engine so that the computer can calculate the density of the air to determine the amount of fuel that will need to be added.
Crank Position Sensor: A crank position sensor is an electronic device used in an internal combustion engine to monitor the position or rotational speed of the crankshaft. This information is used by engine management systems to control ignition system timing and other engine parameters.
Before electronic crank sensors were available, the distributor would have to be manually adjusted to a timing mark on the engine.The crank sensor can be used in combination with a similar camshaft position sensor to monitor the relationship between the pistons and valves in the engine, which is particularly important in engines with variable valve timing.
There is a sensor that monitors the drive shaft speed so an electronic speedometer knows how fast your vehicle is going. You can even tell the cars onboard computer what the tire size is you are running on your car so it can adjust the speedometer output to match and be accurate.
With very special tools just for a Ford radio, the mechanic had my radio pulled out in 2 minutes. Clearly Ford makes their radios so an ordinary car owner can never change it out themselves.
He double checks all the wiring connections on the back to make sure the new radio will plug into my car.

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