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Actually that title still belongs to us, with our epic MME Meet 12 that took place in September 2012 – we closed the gates that day at over 700 cars, and still they kept coming!
Nonetheless, this car meet, organised by Events ME, was a biggy, with over 300 cars, including a massive contingent from the UAE Camaro Club. Plus exotics like the Maserati MC12, Ferrari F50, new Jaguar F-Type and some McLarens, as well as crazy cool modified metal and classics. The meet utilised a great new location in Business Bay and was well organised and run, even if the engine rev-offs did seem to get a little out of hand! We happily acknowledge the fact that biggest car-meet title remains with Motoring Middle East, our tagline is biggest car-meet of the year. Motoring Middle East is the region's most interactive motoring news and reviews website with readers and visitors across the GCC.

Currently, radar traps are typically placed at four kilometre intervals but police say they’ve been so effective that they now want to install hundreds more to curb speeding, pick up seatbelt violations and monitor the space between cars and lane discipline. Mazroui said that police had noted a drop in the annual road toll since introducing radar cameras: from 332 in 2007 to 224 in 2009.
Mazroui said an awareness campaign for labourers would be launched next week to make them aware of the new initiatives. Earlier this month, we reported that the Dubai Police Department had added a new Brabus B63S, which is a tuned Mercedes G63 AMG as well as a few other new vehicles to their exotic patrol fleet. The video below shows off the enviable fleet parking before heading out into the city for the 2013 Grand Parade.
Also, check out the photo gallery for a better look at some of Dubai Police Department’s finest vehicles.

Fans of the Mercedes-AMG G 63 own up to five extravagant body colours in option “colour package”. There were no fatalities on Jumeirah Road, once considered one of the most dangerous roads in the emirate, last year. Established with the intent of bringing Mercedes-themed content from across the globe to one centralized location, eMercedesBenz has since grown to become the world's foremost Mercedes magazine by which to find the latest news, information, reviews and rumors pertaining to the Mercedes-Benz family of brands.

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