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This list of undocumented keyboard shortcuts for notepad are pretty long, that’s just a start from memory.
The hard part about learning vi is that it doesn’t have a graphical interface for training wheels.
Also check out the right sidebar, Atlas carrying the Firefox icon was an idea I came up with, it was all done using Inkscape and GIMP. If you’re using Vim, you can also press v to select a region of text and y to copy the region. The best way to learn vi is to install vim on your windows machine and go through the vim tutorial.
It really is worth it, and once you have managed to get into the switch between normal, command and insert mode. Because you often want to do things with a number of lines you need to be able to toggle line numbering.
This is all good info, but I think that saying notepad is complicated because it has a lot of shortcut keys is oversimplifying a bit. Ok, I’m a unix systems administrator, and have been using vi for a long time, but even I have to say that this article is extremely biased. I don’t use it often, but when the situation calls for it, notepad has the option to use this thing called a mouse. Santa Margarita Catholic High School families are mourning the loss of Joe Phillips, an Eagles track and field coach killed in an accident.
Jean Sharley Taylor, who was once one of the only ranking female editors at the Los Angeles Times, has died.

Kim Saltmarsh Dietz graduated from Mission Viejo High in 1974 but was taking classes at UCC when evil struck. Irwin Rose earned the Nobel Prize for groundbreaking work on enzymes that helped scientists better understand molecular activity in cancer. Ariel Camacho, a popular Mexican singer who counted Americans among his fans, died in a car crash Wednesday morning. The artist reportedly passed away following a highway accident just outside of Sinaloa, Mexico, where he grew up, reports Billboard. The young star had reportedly been on tour promoting a deluxe version of his latest album, El Karma, which he recorded for DEL Records with his band, Los Plebes del Rancho. Camacho was known for his guitar skills and vocals that reflected the lives of his fans, Billboard reports. One of the things that some people complain about is the difficulty of text editing in console mode.
If you count all the extra undocumented keyboard shortcuts, notepad has tons of functionality that is under utilized.
Most power users simply knew these shortcut commands by heart and never even had a second thought that notepad was difficult to learn, or poorly documented.
I think most people just assume at first glance at a huge list of commands that it’s really hard to remember everything.
You get right dropped right into a window that doesn’t necessarily want to help you get up and running quickly. I press a shortcut in one mode and it inputs something, I press it in another and it deletes a line.

I decided to try again after playing with Elite after a 20 year break and finding that the keyboard was just so much faster than a joy stick. I recognize most of those notepad commands, and they are pretty much all universal to most windows applications. Robert Schuller, founder of the Crystal Cathedral and the “Hour of Power,” is laid to rest at the church he built. Segerstrom brought about the South Coast Plaza and the Orange County Performing Arts Center. DOS uses edit and the shortcuts are a bit different but it’s not like a new language like how vi works. I haven’t used Linux much recently, but it seems that a lot of these same commands work there in the GUI apps as well? Also, as you mentioned you don’t have to use the keyboard commands in notepad, it just speeds things up, so if you forget one, you can find it in the menus. And a lot of the menu items tell you their keyboard shortcuts, so if you can find it in the menu, you can teach yourself the commands as you go.

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