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Imbat Restaurant has a fascinating view of Bosphorus and Topkapi Palace.Chef Talat Kizilten graduated from Anatolian Vocational School for Culinary Arts and Tourism in Bolu, where the best chefs of Turkey are raised. Cesidiye (a 15th Century dish of Veal, lamb, dried apricot, almond, apple, honey, parsley,and potato) or their Seafood Stew which is shrimp, calamari, artichoke, onion, quince, and tomato sauce served on warm smoked eggplant puree. Sirkeci Balikcisi (Seafood) serves fresh fish which is caught daily and appetizers and is also in the Sirkesi Konak Hotel.
There are decent places to eat in the Cisek Pasaj, the flower passage in Beyoglu though it really is more of a place to drink and be seen. If it is good food you want then try Yakup 2 at Asmali Mescit 35-37 in Tunel for good traditional Turkish mezes, kebaps, and reasonable prices.
One my friend Stephen's favorite restaurants in Istanbul is off the beaten track (that’s why it’s so good) on the far southwestern outskirts of Sultanahmet (still walking distance from the Hippodrome) very near the Aya Sofa Hotel.
Hocapasa a must-see pedestrian street right across from the Neorion Hotel with lots of small working-class restaurants that serve traditional Turkish food. Cag Kebab which serves meat cut from a sort of horizontal doner, not that it makes any difference whether a doner is cooked vertically or horizontally but this is cooked by a wood fire and not an infrared grilling machine or gas or whatever the other doner places use. You don't have to eat in a restaurant or even in a fast food joint to get a good meal in Istanbul.
I had my first glass of raki two minutes after entering the Hotel Neorion, where they give you a glass as a welcome. They have been drinking wine in Turkey since well before the French and Italians because the Ancient Greeks who used to live here pretty much discovered and perfected it and then sent their vines all over the world.
84-86 right by the Sirkaci Railway Station and on the Tram Line, where it has been since 1864. Join Matt Barrett's Greece Travel Guides Group on Facebook for comments, photos and other fun stuff. For a quick check, enter your currencies and click the check button to get the latest exchange rates.
The Bank Negara publishes the exchange rates from the Interbank Foreign Exchange Market in Kuala Lumpur. The days leading up to Thanksgiving will be filled with family, friends, fun and food - and rightfully so!
Dance with your kids, with your honey, by yourself!, in your living room, like no one's watching! I'm a 30-something year old mommy to 2 young boys, a loving wife and a loyal, honest friend!

Bianco DolomitiBianco Dolomiti is a very high quality milky bright white background marble with sleek grey line veins. Crema Marfil MarbleCrema Marfil is a natural marble tile with a very consistent "Marfil" (Ivory in Spanish) color background. Arizona Ivory TravertineThis natural travertine tile is perfect for both interior and exterior projects. The only thing that really matters is using the right word for the right dish in the right country. You will notice similar dishes--- the little meatballs, salty lemon-cured fish, lots of eggplant and cooked greens, stuffed vine leaves and so on. My only complaint is that it was just two of us that night and we did not get to sample more dishes from their menu. Asmali Mescid is a famous street between Galatasaray and Tunel full of art galleries and cafes.
Lots of fishy mezes and fresh grilled and fried fish which you can pick out and watch being cooked. Et Is Lokanta Klasik is also a popular kebab place with both Turks and tourists as is Ozbolu Kebab House at Hocapasa 33. While most kebab shops will stare at you as though your head is cut off when you ask for a non-meat sandwich, there are good alternatives in sit down restaurants. You will be offered chai, as it’s called, after every meal, sometimes before, and in between. Trying to estimate how many of these little cups the average Turk downs every day is an impossible task. Needless to say you should not have any problem finding a beer you like and if you don't like the Turkish beer there are imports available. Unfortunately the breakfast buffet at the Hotel Neorion was too enticing and since it was included in the price of the hotel I found it irresistable. If your hotel does not have breakfast there are plenty of things in the cafes and street food that will tide you over until lunch. This website is not subsidized, funded, sponsored, endorsed, officially approved by MAHB or any airlines, food, telco, transport and many other companies mentioned on the website. Don’t ask for a gyro in Istanbul, and be aware that to Greek waiters, baba ganoush sound like the name of some protagonist in a children’s fairy tale. It is the intestine of a lamb, wrapped around organ meats and grilled rotisserie style to mouth-watering perfection and most serious carnivores who have tried it have dreamed of it ever since.

For a sitdown kebab meal with a great view try Hamdi, which is listed in most guidebooks but also recommended by my Turkish friends. Trying to convey your request if you don’t speak Turkish is another story, but most of the mezes are vegetarian and there is always the mixed salad and plenty of bread. Go to Hafiz Mustafa Sekerlemeleri and taste everything in what we would call in Greece a zacharoplastion(sugar shop).
Maybe this particular hotel is a special case since the group that owns it also owns several of the best restaurants in Istanbul.
The biggest currency note amount is one hundred (100) Ringgit and the smallest coin amount is five (5) cents. It’s wonderful food, but like any traditional food, can get a little repetitive especially if you are coming from Greece.
If you are a group stock up on meze, they will come around with a tray and you can pick out what you want, and then go for some kind of grilled fish. It is at Kalcin Sokak in Eminonu (Sirkesi) close to the New Mosque and it has a view of the Golden Horn and the Galata Bridge. And coffee, Turkish Coffee as the Greeks used to call it and the Turks still do, is taken in the afternoon and evening. Only 10% of all production can qualify to this selection and only the hand selected pieces are used to acquire this quality level. They are in the Sirkesi Konak Hotel at Taya Hatun Sokak No:5 which is right off the tram line if you get off at Gulhane stop. If you want to know what is in season just keep your eyes open when you walk through the fish market next door. Yes, taken, as it is like a drug and will keep you going long into the night much like a quadrupple shot of Starbucks. And yes you can find espresso and capuccino just like any other major European city including Starbucks.

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