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International Customers, please review our international shipping policies for placing orders and to know more about Shipping, Payment, and Warranties. ALWAYS COMPARE THE DIAGRAM DETAILS WE PROVIDE ON THIS WEBSITE before purchase to ensure the Connector Plug and Cable Length comply with the sensor you are replacing.
You will also need to identify if the sensor you require is BEFORE the exhaust system CATALITIC CONVERTER (PRE CAT) or AFTER the CATALITIC CONVERTER or Downstream (POST CAT). You will need your vehicle make details and model code number to correctly identify your vehicle. The best place to find this information is on your vehicle compliance or ID plate (as below).
In some cases you may also need your vehicle VIN number (Vehicle Identification Number or sometimes referred as Chassis or Frame Number on older vehicles). This VIN number is unique to your specific vehicle and can be used to identify the correct sensor required,the same may apply for the need to find the vehicle Engine Number. The diagram below highlights some places these ID plates, or Compliance Plates, may be attached to the vehicle.

The Engine number is a unique Number identifying your vehicle engine and can be found stamped on your engine block on a machined flat area. On the vehicle registration (warning these nubers may have been entered incorrectly) its alway best to get these numbers from vehicle itself. On some Victorian registered vehicles VIN and Engine Code numbers can be found on the registration label on windscreen, or it my be detailed in the owners manual or handbook. The recommended BUYAUTOPARTS Brand radiator (new) looks, fits and functions just like the more expensive OEM version. They buy them from another company, known as the 'OEM' (Original Equipment Manufacturer), and install them in their vehicles at the factory. This mass air flow meter is a guaranteed exact fit replacement for the mass air flow meter that originally came in your car. Usually you can find the VIN stamped on a metal identification plate attached to the vehicle.
If your engine is dirty or oily this number may be obscured, so wipe down area to reveal engine number.

The engine ID number will often be located on the lower left of the engine block (stamped on the rear end raised area of the Cylinder Block left side), however it can be located in one of several positions.
The recommended BUYAUTOPARTS Brand mass air flow meter (new) looks, fits and functions just like the more expensive OEM version.
The recommended BUYAUTOPARTS Brand cooling fan assembly (new) looks, fits and functions just like the more expensive OEM version.
They cost less because you aren't paying for the OEM brand name and buying directly from the manufacturer (us!).

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