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Renault Twizy is a tiny two-seat car powered by electricity that doesn't take up much road space.
Holden's small sedan and hatch, the Cruze, has been a little lost for sales since the Commodore's VF-led resurgence. Confirming our report from several months back, Tata will begin offering a diesel-powered Nano in the not-so-distant future, with one report even claiming it'd debut as early as February, at the 2014 Indian Auto Expo.
Back when it went on sale in 2008, the Tata Nano was heralded as something of a new Model T for developing economies. Reported comments and users are reviewed by Autoblog staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week to determine whether they violate Community Guideline. Indeed Twizy's footprint isn't much bigger than that of a large motorbike and you can park two, sometimes three, into at typical parking space in a high-rise building or shopping centre. You'll have to spend more money and switch badges if you want that, unless you can wait for the return of the Holden-badged Opel Astra GTC.It is, however, a surprisingly refined warm hatch, with terrific interior space and a good dose of family car practicality. Accounts are penalized for Community Guidelines violations and serious or repeated violations can lead to account termination. As a real bonus, no matter how claustrophobic these carparks are Twizy don't add exhaust fumes to the air you're breathing.Twizy can turn around in not much more than its own length - on a recent trip to Paris I saw one wending its way around one of the huge, completely clogged roundabouts that are a sad feature of that otherwise beautiful city.
Nothing – repeat nothing – is being done by Australian governments to encourage low-emission vehicles.

The looks may not be great in hatch form and some of the plastics and panel fit a bit suspect, but if feels well made and engineered.The Cruze, especially in SRi form, is an underrated performer that has to deal with competition from Mazda and VW. There's still denial on climate change by some of Australia's senior politicians, so potential buyers down under miss out on sales tax savings, cheaper registration, free parking, the ability to drive in transit lanes, and numerous other things offered in more mature countries. While it doesn't beat either of them outright, there are qualities in the Cruze that make it worth consideration.For the family person looking for something fun under $30,000, it's genuinely hard to beat. It zips around corners with plenty of verve, brakes hard (adding electricity to the batteries when doing so), has exceptional visibility to the front and side and hums along with little noise.DESIGNThe driver is held in place by an unusual four-point seatbelt.
You slip the right-hand belt over your arm, then put the belt on the left, which is a normal lap-sash unit, over the right-side belt. It sounds complicated, but is really easy in reality.The rear seat passenger has a conventional lap-sash belt. Distractions come in the form of side skirts, deeper bumpers and a handsome set of 18-inch alloys and ill-advised, chintzy chrome on the door handles.Inside is standard Cruze with some metallic finishing that unfortunately reflects light into your face should you venture out when the sun is high overhead. There's not a lot of space in the back there and you sit with your legs on either side of the driver's seat. This isn't the only Holden afflicted with this problem, the Malibu and Commodore also suffer.It's a good car for passengers - quiet, roomy and, in the SRi-Z, the seats are quite comfortable when covered in leather. There are two gloveboxes on the dash, but only one is lockable, that are capable of taking purses, wallets, phones, small tablet computers and the like.

Note however, that maximum payload is listed as just 115 kg, a couple of big Aussies could put it beyond that.Believe it or not the doors are an optional extra, as are the sunroof and the alloy wheels shown in our pictures. As the motor isn't running when the Twizy is stationary in traffic (an unlikely event!) the range doesn't change significantly, the way a petrol or diesel does.
Depending on the time of day, and the deal you've done with your electricity supplier, a complete charge will cost from $2 to $5. Enthusiastic acceleration out of corners also sees the inside tyre spinning away the power or the power being cut by the traction control.But once you hit the open road, the widely-spaced gears and lack of grip become less of an issue. It is, however, a good, balanced chassis that when pushed does eventually dissolve into gentle understeer.The Bridgestone RE040s let you know when it's coming and there's even a bit of participation from the rear end. The traction control is a mildly ham-fisted kill-joy and even when switched off seems to put in an appearance, sneaking in under the guise of an un-switchable stability control.

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