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When Aviva Canada made me an offer for my stolen car ($8426.41 Including HST) I felt it was a very low offer.
After the second offer was made, I was told that the rental vehicle was due back 5 days later. A fair replacement market value for the vehicle is what should have been offered in the first place. When the appraiser is doing their research, what exactly is the criteria for the value based on? I have paid roughly $25,000 in insurance premiums in the last 10 or 11 years and have never questioned my rates or had a late payment. Had I chosen to dispute their final offer, I would have had to find an independent appraiser of my own to dispute their appraisal. I do encourage someone from the insurance industry to comment on this and help me understand why they must steal from the poor and give to the rich. I currently reside in cambridge, ontario with my beautiful wife and 2 (mostly well behaved) children.
I tried providing them with comparable vehicles from Auto Trader as well as contacting the broker. For the past 8 months they have been giving me the run-around after my RV was damaged after being sunk. Aviva RateMyDrive Smartphone App – I read the headlines below as  you will do in a minute and sensed that I had been set a challenge. If I were to set up a site that reviews black box insurance, I had to have first hand experience, in order to know what I was talking about and know for myself whether black box tracking was for me. Aviva is using smartphone technology to create individual driver profiles, which will be used to calculate tailored pay-how-you-drive premiums. The driver behavioural app, will monitor motorists taking part in the test for 200 miles, including acceleration, braking and cornering. I have forty years driving experience seventeen of them professionally, so I think I know what it takes to drive efficiently, safely and with due care.
Now, I do not know whether or not I want black box tracking to be enforced but with the research that I have done it looks like the only logical way to end the carnage on roads all over the world. Governments across the world are looking closely at the UK who is one of the first countries in the world to roll out black box tracking as a means of reducing the rate of death and serious injury among young drivers in.
Read my review of the AVIVA smartphone app below, but first, have a look at the advert that I read and see for yourself if it piques your curiosity and makes you want to rise to the challenge by downloading the app and proving how good a driver YOU are. Aviva Drive –  Are looking for new customers to test drive their new smartphone black box app and to tell them what you think of the experience. By using their app, you could pay up to 20% less* for your car insurance by generating your own individual rate. The Aviva Drive app will give them a profile of your driving style – using all the data from your braking, accelerating and cornering – built up over 200 miles of driving. The app is free to download and uses innovative smart-phone technology, there‘s no need to install a black box in your car.
You‘ll collect different progress badges along the way, and at 200 miles, the app will give you your individual driving score of 0–10 (10 being the safest). AVIVA use this to give you a personalised online quote based on your driving style, which means you could pay up to 20% less.
By my reckoning, black box tracking will become compulsory at some point, that being the case why not try the app and see for yourself what your individual score is. If you are a good driver you will prove to yourself and the insurance company that you are worthy of a reduced rate of premium, if your driving style leaves you with a low score, you will at least know that there is room for you to improve before it is made compulsory. My daily driving usually consists of the school run which is a thirty mile round trip twice a day, with the occasional journey into the local town a couple of miles away or the occasional trip to the nearest large seaside town which is seven miles away. The school run is a nice scenic journey through the foot of Lincolnshire Wolds, it is pleasant but also demanding as it encompasses single track country lanes, minor B roads, A roads, dual carriageways, major A roads, and busy market town streets.
It is pleasant but demanding and you have to be careful, which I am as I drive the most precious of cargo my son. I set off through country lanes very conscious of being tracked and taking care when accelerating and braking, not that don’t take care anyway, but I was definitely approaching corners slower than usual. I know the journey like the back of my hand and therefore know the speed to take each bend, each corner and the braking points for each and every junction and give way sign along the way.
I continued with the journey moving onto the “A” roads and dual carriageway without incident and keeping within the speed limit or within a mile or two an hour. Exact same journey as yesterday the only difference being that there was fog most of the journey and as a result, I was probably even more careful than normal. Same journey again as before, after dropping son off I took a trip to the local seaside resort for some shopping.
I was rather disappointed when the score never came up and instead I received a message that there was no signal, the data would be saved and it would confirm the details of my journey later.
Now are you going to tell me that these are the actions of a homicidal maniac who is churning up the UK roads like some boy racer. Yet I am given  score of 2.9 incredible, I can only assume that because of the incident with the force closure of the app that it malfunctioned in some way, that can be the only plausible explanation.
Now as you car see on the bottom of the image there are three symbols, there is very little information other than that.
I am aware that insurance companies calculate into their assessments already the fact that they view country roads as the most dangerous and price their policies accordingly. As I said I am most unhappy about their assessment and will be contacting Aviva for an explanation.
I contacted Aviva and asked about the result, I was subsequently  contacted by a man called Steve who assured me that there had been a problem with the version that I had used and there were others who had, had the same problem. Still the fact that the app crashed and evaluated my driving incorrectly leaving me with a score of 2.9 out of a possible 10 means that had I not been evaluating the app and just took the result at face value and then continued on with the quote via the link on the app, I would then I presume be offering myself for an insurance quote with a terrible driver rating.
I hope on reviewing the results of their initial tests with this app, Aviva have had a look at any quotes that have been issued to people who have requested a quote via the app and checked to see if all the telematics information is correct before issuing any quote. I have received the link for the latest version, downloaded it, and will review it right after I finish reviewing, Intelligent Marmalade and Confused dot com apps. As you know our app monitors your accelerating, braking and cornering over 200 miles of your driving. The version of the app you used was a test app, which we launched to get feedback on usability and customer appeal.

Now as I have previously said our family car for the school run is a Citroen Picasso,now anyone who know them knows that the suspension does tend to allow them to pitch and roll and to wallow a bit. Therefore I know that I cornered well, however the fact is that I did very well on braking, average on acceleration and not so good on cornering, which resulted a score of 2.9. I know that I can drive well, I have 40 years experience, I have proof on the other apps that I have reviewed that I am in the top 25% of drivers.
As far as I can make out a appear to a terrible driver who does not even qualify for a discount. Now I have no idea what algorithm they use to calculate their scores but I would love to see the telematics for the journeys and have someone go through each journey and justify the score that was given, but that will never happen, just as it will never happen for you if you have a dispute about your score. Now if you have a look at the journeys above you will see that the average time taken to complete the journey is roughly 30 minutes for an approximately 15 mile journey, now I am no rocket scientist but even I can calculate that this equates to an approximate average speed of 30 miles per hour which mean that I am hardly tearing the road up so to speak. This just highlights the need for a totally independent scoring system that has government backing and Department of Transport approval.
I will leave you to draw your own conclusions, suffice to say, I will not be using Aviva for my insurance anytime in the near future.
It is relatively easy to complete the evaluation and qualify for a discount of up to 20% on your car insurance by getting a high black box score if you drive with care and avoid harsh braking and acceleration you should have no problem.
In this post, I will walk you through the insurance claim woes I ran into while trying to keep it as short as possible.. After some research of my own I found it was selling anywhere between $8800 and $10,998 on AutoTrader without HST.
I once again refused the offer and asked for the middle range of what the vehicle was worth.
I would still not have a cheque in my hand by then so I contacted the manager of the department to plead my case. There is only 2 cars identical for sale in my area within 50km of my home. I would like to have the rental car period extended until I receive a settlement cheque. When it is the insurance companies turn to pay (in this case, Aviva Canada) they low ball you hoping you accept the offer.
The problem with this is you must pay your appraiser and cover the rental vehicle until the claim is settled, so in the end it is not beneficial to dispute with them any further. I would like to know exactly how my own appraiser would determine the value of the vehicle without having a vehicle to look at.
This stolen vehicle ended up costing me over $2000 in under payment from Aviva Canada and the contents of the vehicle that were not worth claiming when the $500 deductible was taken into account.
The vehicles I had found were within 50 km of my home with similar mileage and exact same trim options.
The unit needed to be extricated using heavy equipment and ended up being twisted out of shape and cracked. The data is then turned into an individual ‘score’ which helps determine the motorist’s premium – with safer drivers earning up to 20% off their Aviva premium.
I am however, the same as most drivers and no doubt have picked up many bad habits over the years.
When you look at the statistics it is mind-boggling that there is such catastrophe and waste of human life on a daily basis all over the world. I am sure that when all the analysis is done all Governments will come to the same conclusion, that black box insurance tracking has to be made compulsory. Give yourself an advanced warning so to speak, get your individual score early and if needed work on improving your driving style to ensure that when black box insurance does become compulsory you have a high individual score and as a result a low insurance premium.
Just the kind of roads that are rated by insurance companies as being among the most dangerous type of road.
Therefore, when I do have to stop I can generally bring the vehicle to a rolling halt or with a slight touch to the brake. I reached the town where the school is; a busy market town during the rush hour, I kept within the speed limit and drove appropriately, I got to the school, parked, and dropped my son off.
I am getting used to the fact that I have to be more aware of the road conditions and my personal driving style, however I have noticed that the journey has been more relaxed, less stressful. I took the same route as normal driving with all the due care and attention that I could muster.
After a couple of hours checking the phone I gave up and had to force close the application. Now I know the standard of my driving, I am a good driver with 20 years professional driving over a 40 year driving career to date, I have been driving on roads that I drive every day, I am familiar with every, corner, bend, bump, pothole, I know the appropriate speed for every section of the roads I travel and adhere to these speeds, I know every braking point for every bend and junction and DID brake when appropriate and in most cases when called upon to stop I did so either rolling to a gentle stop or with a simple dab of the brakes. If is otherwise heaven help us all, what kind of criteria are they setting for your average driver and what would they class as a ten point driver? Now I use my car every day twice on school runs and regularly to pop into the nearest town. I have a gauge in my car whereby I can monitor the fuel efficiency and I thought that I was driving efficiently on every trip but I dare say that is a matter of opinion as I never constantly monitored the gauge due to concentrating on my driving. Our family car for the school run is a Citroen Picasso, (the wife has the sports car) now anyone who know them knows that the suspension does tend to allow them to pitch and roll and to wallow a bit. I hope that those of you who read this review and have the means to download the Aviva app do so, and try it for yourself.
I asked if there was someone could speak to from the department who monitor the telematics from the app and he said that he would pass the request on and assured me he would send me a link for the new version of the app the next day, but as yet I have received nothing and that was five days ago. I would like to think that they would have, and that there is not some poor soul running around paying extortionate insurance premiums because of a faulty black box reading.
We appreciate you getting in touch with your feedback, it was very interesting to hear your experiences first hand.
All the feedback we’ve received has been invaluable and has helped improve our new app called Aviva Drive, which has just launched on Google Play. Having driven this type of car for years  I am well aware of the problem and drive accordingly and as such made sure that I approached all corners at an appropriate speed in order to minimise this roll.
Five would be average score one would think, so it has to be that 2.9 is well below average.
I know that Insurance companies rate rural roads as being more dangerous and calculate that into their premiums.
Therefore I think the problem lies with Aviva and I hope that they resolve it in their latest version, which I am presently reviewing. Yet when you look at the scores that have badges which indicate fuel efficient  trips you will see that the journeys were completed in quicker than average times.

If you are unsure of how to drive to the standard required watch my short video on how to get a high black box score.
The car I had was in excellent condition, so I figured I would refuse the offer and see what they came back with.
My whole train of thought is I should be able to buy the exact same vehicle with the cheque that the insurance company provides me. Please pass this along to the manager reviewing the claim as I feel this decision is unfair treatment and an attempt to make me accept a low settlement amount by forcing me to be without a vehicle until the claim is settled. The adjuster told me that I had only sent in the highest ads and that I was trying to bump up the price of the vehicle. I set about proving to myself that I am indeed a good driver and should be paying a lot less for insurance than I am at present. Am I as good as I like to think I am, or am I in for a surprise and I am really an unconsciously poor driver? I travelled back the same way and took the same due care arriving home safe and sound as usual, no drama no problem. The journey was uneventful and I was consciously aware of having the tracker in the car, therefore there was no irrational driving as there never is, I am driving the most precious cargo in my world my son. I eventually got it to start again and to my horror it actually scored me 2.9 out of a potential score of 10 – two point nine, I ask you!
There is no information on how this score has been calculated or what to do if you disagree with the score.
It so happens that on the week that I did the test I had been busy working to this site so perhaps never used the car quite as much as normal. Your results show that you scored very well on braking, average on acceleration and not so good on cornering, which resulted in your overall score of 2.9. I was therefore confident in my cornering and could only have bettered it by picking the car up and carrying it round the corners. There has to be a credible alternative, a system that you can get that will train you in the type of driving that you will be expected to do when you are being monitored. I am it is as simple as that, the fact that I was trained by very good dedicated professional trainers, have 20 years professional driving behind me and have good roadcraft built up over 40 years driving. The appraiser still feels this value is fair, however I have escalated it to management for one final review. I invited the adjuster to do their own search and they said that job belonged to another department.
Together we can form a consensus of opinion on whether or not these tracking devices are viable. If I accelerated too hard and had to brake harshly it would have been recorded but my acceleration was average and my braking very good so that begs the question what criteria are they using to judge when you go round corners that could give such a poor rating? Sorry Aviva I am transporting my son to school and if the average speed is 30 miles an hour that is how long the journey takes, I will not compromise on his safety. A system that on completion of training will evaluate you and  give you a score that is a TRUE reflection of your driving ability that you can then use for insurance company quotes. Combine this with the fact that I have a very good degree of self awareness that comes from 15 years counselling, so I was fully aware that I was being tracked throughout all of the journeys that I undertook.
I completed the journey in the normal time and on arriving home stopped the car applied the hand brake and pressed the tracking device to stop recording. To have received a 0 score for this was indeed annoying, I am being penalised for the type of car I drive or for the fact that I live in the country and drive on roads that are winding and undulating.
If I did drive faster that would lead to me taking all those bad bends even faster and that would mean my cornering score would be affected.
I know that I drove carefully and safely on each journey, and yet I received a derisory score of 2.5 out of ten. Their appraiser had me drive the damaged unit (which was barely derivable and unsafe) to an unlicensed shop for inspection. I was keen to find the rating that I had been given, with 40 years driving experience 20 of them professionally, I was confident of a good score. Now either the algorithm that calculates driver scores need serious reviewing or I am just a rubbish driver. He then came out with a quote of $30,000.00 which they insist I take in a cash settlement and have the repairs done myself. Even that would not make sense because in other tests that I have done I have had scores of 75 and above. After I complained about that they had a local shop weld together a tie rod end so that they could order me to drive it over 300 miles away to have the Aviva adjuster look at it.
My lawyer received a letter from the adjuster stating that it was my own fault this happened! It was one of the most terrifying drives I have ever had to make and it took over 8 hours to complete. The adjust did not show up and I was forced to leave the unit there for him to look at and make my way back home.
It has been down there for over 2 months now and there is no way I can drive it back without the front suspension and steering being properly repaired. We finally got them to admit it was the employer’s fault for making me park there and rather in their lot. There is no shop in the world that will even consider repairing the damages for the amount that they want me to settle for. I have 8 months of unanswered calls and emails from the worst customer service you have ever had to deal with and have been told that I will be losing my rights to this claim if I don’t accept their offer within the next 4 months. My next step is to contact the General Insurance Ombudsman and see if there is any help from that end. Beware, IMHO these people are as shady and heartless as it comes and you will regret the day that you ever signed up with them.

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