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Outlook 2013 has implemented many changes, including how to access the spell-checker and auto-correct options. The spell-checker can also be accessed by selecting the Review tab and clicking the Spelling & Grammar button.
The AutoCorrect options menu opens and displays a series of tabs that can be used to customize how AutoCorrect responds.
In general Microsoft Office products provides options for automatic spell check and you can find this feature in Word 2007, Word 2010, Word 2013 and Word 2016.
Select Proofing options and navigate to When correcting spelling and grammar in Word section. Updated with readers comment, this seems to have solved the problem for most of the users- Thank You Maria. If there any errors in the document then you should see a sidebar showing the error staring from the current page. In case you want to change the language used for Spell Check to English (United Kingdom) then you can use the language box available at the bottom of Spelling and Grammar sidebar. If there no more errors left in the document then you should notice the following Spelling and grammar complete message.
If your word document does not highlight the spelling and grammatical errors then probably you can check the settings mentioned below.
Let us say you have the following sentence with spelling and grammar errors and currently these errors are not highlighted. A Software developer and blogger who is always looking to provide technical help to the wider community.
I am using Windows 7 and just had Office Home and Student 2010 installed, and when I use Spell Check, it detects words that apparently do not exist in the dictionary. Now, we have ’10 on several machines both XP and Win7 Professional and the spell check does not work on any of them also.
Go to the review at the top, click on language, click on proofing language then uncheck ‘do not check spelling or grammar’, then click ok. Heres another solution for Word 2010 that applies when the spell checker works for some paragraphs but not others (or possibly, the whole document). This problem occurs because WORD is obeying the over-riding instructions as defined by the particular Style relating to that paragraph.
Magically, the spell checker will suddenly work for every paragraph throughout the document that carries this Style. Get your free copies of the following tech guides by joining the Digital Answers mailing list.
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I would only stress that I have checked English again, instead of other language that was on the list. Checked all the usual settings for the spell checker mentioned in all the other posts above.
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