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Two new – and very different – Mercedes models were displayed at the Berlin Motor Show in March 1934.

The first 500 K – "K" for Kompressor = supercharger, to distinguish it from the 500 sedan without supercharger – had been designed as an elegant two- or four-seater sports car with roadster and cabriolet bodies tailored at the Daimler-Benz plant in Sindelfingen. It was the customers' craving for power, however, that prompted the replacement of the 380, not exactly a lame duck with its supercharged 140 hp, by the 500 K only one year later. Your Japanese tin robots tin cars and Japan space toys are important to the Buddy l Museum email us with all your Japanese tin toys for sale Include a photograph and receive a free confidential appraisal. One was the 130, Mercedes-Benz's first production car with a rear-mounted four-cylinder engine which developed 26 hp from a displacement of 1.3 liters. With this model, the company bid farewell to the Roaring Twenties and the Big Four mentioned earlier. The newcomer's engine generated 160 hp with the supercharger engaged; even without the supercharger in action, it still had an impressive output of 100 hp at 3400 rpm.
The driver engaged the double-vane Roots supercharger by depressing the accelerator pedal beyond a pressure point.With the exception of first gear, both the standard four-speed and the optional five-speed transmissions were synchronized.
In its essence, this front axle, fitted like the rear axle with coil springs, has remained the design model for generations of automobiles throughout the world to this day, and it also featured in the 500 K, of course. A single-plate dry clutch linked the engine with the powertrain which transmitted engine power to the rear wheels.

The car rolled along on wire-spoke wheels which were as elegant as they were robust.All these features combined to permit a top speed of 160 kilometers per hour – a dream for sports cars in that day and age. The penalty was paid in the form of fuel consumption: between 27 and 30 liters were blown through the carburetor on 100 kilometers.
This configuration was a concession to the zeitgeist, a small trick that created the visual impression of a particularly long front-end and, therefore, the desired sporting appeal.The most ravishing model of this species was the two-seater 500 K special roadster launched in 1936, a masterpiece in terms of its styling, with inimitably powerful and elegant lines. It has been filling onlookers with enthusiasm to this day, reflecting, as it does, the spirit of its day and age as well as the design perfection of the 500 K models.
Its price tag – 28,000 Reichsmark – was 6,000 marks above the average price of "simpler" models.
People were able to buy a generously furnished house for that money.The short-wheelbase chassis was used only for a few two-seaters with special bodies.

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