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My 1956 sport coupe has the last part of the VIN #'s that are way beyond the published production numbers and dates. The Van Nuys plant in LA averaged 400 cars per day during the '56 model year, so your vin of VC56L090056 would give a build date of about Sept 19 '56. The vin VC56L104641 is a puzzle, it would be a build date in late October if correct at the '56 build rate. It was my understanding that most of September was dedicated to retooling, and I was told that the '57 was more difficult to retool, owing to the lower roof line.
If Roman's car is VN10304, it is hard to believe they built more than 1600 Bel Air sport coupes, after mid September, at that one plant alone. Body numbers always started with number 1 for each body style, so yes, your coupe would have been the 10304th sport coupe at Van Nuys. I guess I should add this information from my late LA built '56 2 door hardtop to this thread. I find it hard to believe that with all the July parts that my car was assembled in September. Free vin decoder - check vin number - vin lookup for, Look up vehicle identification numbers for all car makes and vehicle models, by year, from gmc general motors. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
1957 chevrolet bel air - legendary collector cars, Even the back side of the bumpers are painted to match the frame. Vehicle identification number (vin) and cowl tag decoding, The last six digits of the vin# are the sequential serial number. Chevrolet bel air 150 210 frame off built bel air custom 468 v8 thm200 4 speed automatic ps a c disc brake for sale at $109,900.00.
The chevrolet nomad was a station wagon model made off and on from 1955 to 1972, and a chevy van trim package in the late 1970s and early 1980s, produced by the.

If you are serious about restoring your 1955-1959 chevy automobile, and want all casting numbers to match, chevrolet by the numbers: 1955-1959 is the guide you'll. It appears that the one or two prefix letters at the front of vin # that indicate a 6 cylinder or V8 or not included on the frame rail.
I still have my very first car a (57 Chevy Bel Air 2 door sedan) and several 5 6 and 7's now.
I used my wife's magnified make up mirror and a led work light, it does take a minute to figure out when it's upside down AND backward. While most of us are aware that Chevrolet had plants in Janesville, Oakland and eight other locations around the US producing cars in the mid fifties, a lot of people do not realize that General Motors also had a plant in Canada producing cars for both export overseas and for the Canadian domestic market.
Canadian produced 1955-1956-1957 Chevys have several differences that make them just a little bit different from the American Cars.
Unlike their American cousins, Canadian Classics do not have a VIN tag on the driver's side door post, but rather have the serial number recorded on the cowl tag.
With the commencement of the 1956 production, the vehicle serial plate, located on the right front of the cowl, did not include the body serial, trim or paint combination numbers. Although the 1011 in the serial number only indicates that it is a 2 Door Sedan, by checking the Model number on the same tag, the stamping 10-11D tells us that this car should be a Bel Air, not a 210. All Canadian-produced cars had their engine serial numbers also stamped on one of the tags.
Besides the obvious differences that I have outlined in this article, there were a host of smaller, subtle differences that set the Canadian-produced car apart. 55 Sunsand Beige - Very close to, and in fact superceded by Shoreline Beige early into the model year.
As previously indicated, Chevrolet changed the manner in which they recorded information on the cowl tags for the 1956 model year.
Canadian engines, generators, exhaust manifolds and starters were made by McKinnon Industries, not GM.

McKinnon Industries produced products like intake and exhaust manifolds have a raised mark to ID them. Canadian 1955 remote oil filters were painted black not orange and blue like the American ones. Canadian hood birds and antenna bases were made by a different manufacturer than in the US and therefore are slightly different in shape. The interior of Canadian 1955's have the interior surface of the glove box door painted a light shade of grey instead of body color. I have not heard of this before, and it would be good to hear from others if these late build dates show any pattern.
Off the top off my head I'm not sure of the build date but I have VC56L104641 with body VN11962 (hardtop 1037D). The vin plate is missing on door jamb so we peeled back the floor to expose the number on the frame rail. Does the cowl tag body number VN10304 mean it was the 10,304th sport coupe body built at the Van Nuys plant ? My car still has almost all its original parts and the dates on these parts suggest a final assembly on my car around the end of July or very early August. My production number indicates that the Los Angeles plant build at least 4,900 more cars than published.

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