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Copy down the information from there on a piece of paper and you are good to go.A VIN is basically a serial number for your car, truck or SUV.
Reading used car vehicle identification numbers will help you know if the used car or truck you are buying has the equipment you think it does.A disturbing story in the Kansas City Star said Enterprise Rent a Car sold used Chevy Impalas from 2006 to 2008 without standard driver side curtain air bags. The air bags had been removed to save money at Enterprise’s request.The company, in its defense, said the vehicle identification numbers (VINs) reflected the fact that the Impalas did not have the side air bags but customers thought they did.
Enterprise claims to have mistakenly advertised the Impalas as having the side airbags and Chevrolet does not sell the Impala without the airbags to the general public.It’s important that you know how to read a VIN (and just as important to know where to find a VIN) when buying your used car.

With GM, for example, the restraint info is in the 7th character position, while BMW has the code in its 8th character position. By the way, if you’re buying a Chevy Impala and the 7th digit is a “0” your airbags have been deleted.The 9th CharacterThis is something called a check digit.
It verifies the previous 8 characters based on a mathematical computation developed by the U.S. Quality problems will have demonstrated themselves long before your purchase.The 12th through 17th CharactersThese are what most of us call the serial numbers of the car.

Each manufacturer has a different system for what this means.In the end, the best bet for understanding various components of a used vehicle’s VIN, is to go to a search engine and type in Understanding BMW VIN.

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