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Head: 837230 (used up to serial #4783316, early April 1935) - identified by having 15 long head bolts. Patent data plates are located on the firewall of the engine compartment near the heater duct.
1968 camaro number - chevy hardcore, Using this guide you will be able to decode both the cowl tag and vin number on your 1968 camaro. Cowl tag decoding - 1958 through 1964 chevrolet, Cowl tag decoding – 1958 through 1964 chevrolet.
1955 chevrolet paint code s597 need help to decode, 1955 chevrolet paint code s597 need help to decode stock chevy 1955 chevy 1956 chevy 1957 or that they just did not bother stamping it on the cowl tag.. Chevy cowl tags – a review - chevy classics club, E-mail or letter asking us to decode a cowl tag! It was a 4-door with the impala trim line.from 1955 to 1958, the links below will lead you to the appropriate page to decode each part of your cowl tag chevy.
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The Mission of our site is to provide information on collecting cars to make you a more informed and happier collector.
Let me relate a story on documentation.  A friend in Tennessee had a 1940 Chevrolet coupe that couldn’t be registered and licensed in that state because he had no documentation.
One rumor of note regards a ring of car thieves that were stealing valuable automobiles (Duesenbergs and Hemi’s) from areas outside of Alabama and then immediately shipping them to Arizona for sale.  The information from the data plate and fake bill of sale from a fake seller were FAXED to Alabama to a fake buyer and immediately presented to the Alabama license bureau.
Learn something about your car and use the data plate(s) as a guide.  They provide a nice snapshot of that treasure in your garage. About the Author: I grew up and lived in Iowa for nearly 40 years before moving to Southern California and now live in Tennessee.

VIN numbers allow ordinary people to be detectives, and who doesn’t want to solve a mystery? FACT: Albert Einstein never owned a car, so he likely knew nothing about VIN numbers or their meaning.  Does that make all of you guys smarter than Einstein? WMI = World Manufacturer Identifier, which is what the first 3 digits of the VIN are called as a group. Technically there are actually some variations along the way, starting in 1987 thru current the VIN has remained relatively unchanged. Light Trucks, and multipurpose Passenger VIN’s are actually slightly different as well, they are similar, For example in 1987 the 4th digit is the type of brakes, as it relates to the GVWR, so that would be another article altogether. The rest you go figure this is what will see in our cars in the future because the L as the first digit is going to be more common as bread and butter all over the world because everything is made in China and that will include cars ! I got burned once when buying a used car, so now I run a vin check myself no matter what the owner says. I want to know which number in the vin number will tell me what day of the week my 2015 Chevrolet colorardo was made and how to tell what day of the week it was made by what is there.
1950-1952 235 engines were used in Powerglide-equipped cars and they had hydraulic lifters. 1954 & 1955 Passenger cars with the high-pressure 235 and manual transmission continued to use mechanical lifters. It is important for a car collector to enjoy their muscle cars, sports cars, hot rods or rat rods in a way that makes them happy, We will bring you the stories behind the owners and the cars.
This is where all of the magic happens folks!  (We are talking about C, K, R, V, W, D, and all of those sweet, sweet letters in between.
It is better known as the “Check Digit”.  Internet legend says that Einstein was quite an advocate of check digits, because it legitimized the numbers in the sequence through complex math.  Was he just showing off?

The large data plates were used on all 1955-56 Thunderbirds and 1957 models until mid-April. The stories about how the collector cars were acquired, about the breakdowns, about the special trips and especially about the people encountered along the way. Depending on your make, model and year of manufacture there may be a book, club or other resource that can assist with decoding your data plate. If the stolen car was later found, the new “owner” would be out his car and his money without much information to give the authorities. The smaller data plates were then used on 1957 models until the end of production of the 1957 Thunderbirds Dec. Few men are lucky enough to be able to share their passion for cars with the woman they love.
Fortunately, my wife Katriana is also a gear head and many of our activities revolve around the cars. The small data plates starting in April 1957 did not show the destination code or scheduled Item number.
On the smaller data plates the transmission type and rear axle ratio were shown following the date code.

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