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Upon upgrading to the latest version of Adobe Flash Player on my windows computer, Flash Player has been crashing randomly, but more so when I use a web browser. Clicking the Check online for a solution and close the program button wasn’t able to fix the Adobe Flash Player 11.3 r300 code. To get the Adobe Flash Player has stopped working error problem solved, there are a few basic steps that you can take that should fix the problem the majority of the time. In Windows, you can edit Adobe Flash Player settings from a web browser using the Flash Player Help website.
However, Adobe recommends that you uninstall Flash Player using a specific uninstaller which you can download. Once you have completely uninstalled Adobe Flash Player, the next step is to check for any new available Windows Updates.
To reinstall the software, jump to the Adobe Downloads page and download the latest version. The above Adobe Flash Player has stopped working troubleshooting steps should hopefully help you to get Flash Player up and running without crashing on your Windows PC.
The above steps should fix Adobe Flash Player errors the majority of the time, but if Flash Player on your PC is still giving errors, you can leave a comment and I will try to help.
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Not a long time ago Microsoft released problem solver for different types of print spooler issues. Post is written by Alexey Abalmasov who is a technology blogger, tech support specialist and simply an IT guy.
Enter your email below to get exclusive access to our best articles and tips before everybody else. It can be quite annoying when you try to install a driver or other software on Windows 7 just to find out it isn’t compatible with the new OS. Program Compatibility is a mode that allows you to run programs that were written for earlier versions of Windows. After we closed out of the error, the Program Compatibility Assistant came up advising that the program didn’t install correctly. The Compatibility Assistant went through and fixed the issue and we were able to install the driver.
Sometimes you might get a screen similar to this example where Virtual PC 2007 isn’t compatible with Windows 7 and you can check for solutions online.
After checking for solutions online, we’re shown that there is an update that might solve the issue. Note: Sometimes a program does install correctly and Program Compatibility Assistant thinks it didn’t. There might be times when Program Compatibility Assistant can’t find a solution, or a program installs fine, but doesn’t work the way it should.
Windows will detect any issues with the program and you can try to run it with the recommended settings, or go through the troubleshooting wizard. This option allows us to test run the program to see if the new compatibility settings fix the issue. If the program is running correctly you can save the settings and it will continue to run with those settings. If you selected No, try again using different settings it will bring up the troubleshooter where you can specify the issues you’re having with the program. Depending what you check in the screen above, you’ll be presented with other options for what is not working correctly. If none of the compatibility settings work for the program, you’re prompted to to send a generated problem report to Microsoft.

Of course if you don’t want to deal with the Program Compatibility troubleshooter, you can go in and manually select Compatibility Mode. Then click the Compatibility tab then check the box Run this program in compatibility for and select the version of Windows from the dropdown. Hopefully running the program in an earlier version of Windows helps solve the problems you’re experiencing.
I’ve used the wizard a few times, but I usually prefer to just modify the settings manually.
Great article as you have clearly shown all the possible ways to fix compatibility issues that can happen while installing programs with Windows 7.
I’ve gotten the compatibility message in the past, but never really understood what it was about. I am trying to get a program to work that is 32 bit and is not letting me install because it’s 64 bit.
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Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site. When you’re trying to fix a computer or are setting it up for certain functionality for a business, it can be quite annoying always getting error messages when you know what your doing.
Note: Error Reporting can be valuable if Windows isn’t working correctly and shouldn’t be disabled unless you’re a system admin or power user. Note: This method used Local Group Policy Editor which isn’t available in Home versions of Windows 7.
Local Group Policy Editor opens and you want to navigate to User Configuration \ Administrative Templates \ Windows Components \ Windows Error Reporting and under Setting double click on Disable Windows Error Reporting. Change it from Not Configured to Enabled, then click Apply and Ok and close out of Local Group Policy Editor. It’s worth noting here that if you choose Ask me to check if a problem occurs, error reporting is enabled but you get to choose whether or not to send the diagnostics to Microsoft.
In the next screen under For my programs, problem reporting is…select Off then click Ok to close out of the Problem Reports and Solutions window. Next you’ll see that everything under Choose how to check for solutions to computer problems is grayed out. When you’re setting up a computer for a set of users in a company, chances are the settings will pop up error messages that you already know about, and this takes up time to click out of them. DID YOU KNOW?None of the official (non-Guinness) world records for boomerang throwing are, ironically, held by Australians (the country in which the boomerang originated).
Each time it crashes, an error prompt appears with an Adobe Flash Player has stopped working message. By performing a Windows reset, you are clearing your computers’ RAM memory and also restarting many core services, programs and applications. Using the Settings Manager, located towards the left of the screen, begin checking Flash Player settings for Global, Website, Protected etc. The Uninstall Flash Player for Windows website provides a link for the uninstaller and some additional steps for completely uninstalling the software in Windows. If Flash Player is still not operating correctly, you may also want to try running a full virus scan on your computer.
However, results are controversial as in most cases this tool can’t even determine the reason of the problem. Due to some reasons Vista stops using LPD (Line Printer Daemon) Print Service and LPR (Line Printer Remote) Port Monitor using only Internet Printing Client.
I have 5 year expertise in solving certain problems with Windows OS as well as removing viruses.

Today we look at using the Program Compatibility Assistant, and troubleshooting compatibility issues so programs install successfully. The Program Compatibility Assistant detects compatibility issues and allows you to reinstall using the recommended settings. The problem was the driver was designed for Vista and the the assistant automatically select the correct compatibility mode for us to install it. If it didn’t work properly, you can try using different settings or report the problem to Microsoft and check for an online solution.
Now it will always run the program in Compatibility Mode for the version of Windows you selected.
Most novice users will user the troubleshooter I suspect rather than right clicking and going to properties. I wonder just how well teh compatability mode works, I didn’t have a whole lot of luck previously (ie in WinXP for command line programs).
If an error occurs, a detailed message regarding the error pops up and you’re prompted to send the information to Microsoft. If you select Check for solutions automatically (recommended) then all data will be sent to Microsoft automatically. Uncheck the box But notify me when critical error occur if you don’t want to see any errors at all then click Ok and Ok to close out of the System Properties window. With error reporting turned off, experienced users can go about their business without being annoyed constantly. Whenever some error message pops up on the screen, for any program, one of the first things that you can do to troubleshoot the problem is to restart your PC.
If you have a malware or virus program on your PC, it can stop programs like Flash Player from operating correctly. I graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, GA in 2002 with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. For example we got this error trying to install a music interface device driver for home recording. If you’re an Admin and tired of seeing it pop up because you know what you’re doing, check out our article on how to disable program compatibility assistant in Windows 7 and Vista.
Right-click on the program icon from the Start Menu or in many programs the shortcut icon and select Troubleshoot compatibility. But after saving the settings and running the program directly it still wouldn’t work (and yes I checked that the compatibility settings had ben changed). This is so they can gather error info from millions of PC’s and helps them create patches and Service Packs. A couple of other suggestions to eliminate other annoyances is to disable Program Compatibility Assistant and disabling the delete confirmation dialog as well. So far I haven’t noticed as many errors in Windows 7 as Vista, and they seemed to be a regular occurrence on XP.
When you’re setting up a machine for specific functionality, the messages get very annoying. Disabling Error Reporting allows the experienced user to save time by not having to constantly clicking out of them. There are a number of reasons why an experienced user or tech would want to turn them off, so lets begin.

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