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If there is something about your life that you want to change, you can benefit from Theta Healing. During a Theta Healing session, the practitioner will identify which key beliefs are holding your physical or emotional issue in place. You do not need to do anything in preparation for the session, other than being ready to let go of the things that are not serving you to create the life you would choose. It is helpful to drink plenty of water before the session to make sure you are well hydrated, as this will assist with muscle testing.
Theta Healing was founded by Vianna Stibal, an amazing woman from Idaho Falls in the United States, who was born with an inherent intuitive ability and strong connection to God. One day she had a man come to see her with severe backache, and she asked Creator to release the pain in his back. Since that time, Vianna has travelled the world to teach people how to use this powerful technique to transform their lives. She has developed and refined the technique, and facilitated countless instant healings for everything from MS to Diabetes.
Scientists have discovered that the Theta brain frequency has been found to alleviate stress, reduce anxiety, facilitate deep relaxation, improve mental clarity and creative thinking, reduce pain, promote euphoria, and provide access to instant healings. Theta Healing is a powerful technique that combines science and spirituality to identify and instantly transform deeply held blocks, negative beliefs and trauma in the unconscious mind. Theta Healing works instantly to transform negative thought patterns or beliefs on all levels and in the DNA, empowering you to re-create your life exactly as you choose. Another amazing thing about the Theta Healing technique, is the ability to teach the client feelings they may never have experienced before, instantly widening their emotional choices. Theta Healing is a technique, not a religion, and is not affiliated with any religious doctrine.

Theta Healing® is a revolutionary energy healing technique that allows you to identify and change beliefs, feelings, fears and other energetic blocks that limit you from achieving optimal wellbeing.
Scientific research shows that negative beliefs and emotions can contribute to the development of physical dis-ease as well as mental, psychological, and emotional distress.
In Theta Healing®, the practitioner acts as a conduit to align a client’s energy with the vital energy of The Creator, a connection that can facilitate lasting change and positive shifts in a client’s life. Every client is unique and all healing work is based on a client’s unique, current life situation and personal goals. With the guidance, wisdom and love of Ana Paula Martins, you will experience a Theta Healing session customized to your needs and goals. In general, a session begins with the practitioner asking permission to connect with your energy. Digging is a technique used to work down through the layers of beliefs to uncover the bottom or key belief. All changes are performed only with the informed consent of the client – Theta Healing works only with this informed consent. Theta Healing has now become one of the fastest and most effective healing modalities available.
These brain waves are all being used at any one time, but depending on the situation one frequency is always dominant.
It is when in this state you are able to work directly with Source, Spirit, the Universe, God or Creator of All That Is, (depending on your spiritual and religious beliefs), to facilitate powerful healings. The kinds of beliefs we carry with us influence the kinds of thoughts we have on both the conscious and unconscious level. Theta Healing can bring about immediate and profound changes, helping you to restore healthy patterns of thought and emotion so that you can create a new reality: Living your life to its fullest potential!

Used in conjunction with conventional medicine, and honoring all spiritual traditions, Theta Healing makes it possible to re-program patterns of thought, emotion and behaviors that create disconnection, distress and dis-ease. Highly trained practitioners like Ana guide you into a deep meditative state that activates the Theta Brain Wave Cycle.
The duration of a Theta session is usually between 30 and 90 minutes, and the number of sessions required depends on the issue you would like to work on. The Theta wave is the dominant brain wave during very deep meditation, when drifting off to sleep or whilst under hypnosis. The Theta Healing technique integrates meditation, spirituality, and scientific knowledge about the power of the mind and immune system to help you shift how you think and feel in order to promote healing and restore vitality.
Theta Healing has been used to promote healing for a wide variety issues pertaining to personal growth, well-being, relationships, and health concerns. In the “Theta Cycle,” you experience tranquility and relaxation as the practitioner aligns her energy with the vital energy of The Creator and with yours. Please consult your personal healthcare provider before undertaking any new or alternative healing modality. She used a technique of visualising going up through the top of her head through her crown chakra, and entering the person’s space to look inside the body. You will assess beliefs that may be the root of difficulties you are having or are triggers for patterns that you are seeking to change. The practitioner should ask your verbal permission for every belief change and for any healing that is done.

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