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Herpes type 1 and 2 share many of the same characteristics, however, herpes type 2 is mainly transmitted through sexual contact. Herpes type 2 is normally contracted through sexual intercourse and can be transmitted to either gender.
A herpes type 2 outbreak consist of blisters forming and spreading around the genitals region, rectum, and even around the lower part of the waistline. Currently there is no cure for herpes type 1 or 2, but there are ways to lessen the physical outbreaks.

Genital herpes outbreaks are contagious viral infection that affects primarily the genitals of men and women. Some people do not get typical blister-like sores but they harbor active virus in their saliva, vaginal, or penile secretions, and can shed the virus without knowing they have herpes. I am a 32yr old male who has genital herpes and was skeptical about using your product at first, but since I have tried everything that had either temporary worked or had no effect at all, I decided to try the Anti-herpes ointment.
In addition, herpes type 2 is generally associated with the formation of sores below the waistline.

The fluid that is emitted carries the herpes virus, which leads to the easy transfer of the virus.
That is, we do not indicate that this remedy is for herpes on the label, ensuring your privacy.

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