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The term Integrative Medicine is used so widely and loosely that most patients and physicians are confused by what the term actually means. Often heard with the field of Integrative Medicine are the fields of Complementary Medicine and Alternative Medicine.
Along this journey into Integrative Medicine, I found that the primary focus of Integrative Medicine is to prevent disease. Some Allopathic doctors are indifferent to Integrative Medicine, but others are overtly hostile to these alternative approaches, thinking that if it wasn’t taught in their training program, it must not be valid. Integrative Medicine tries to incorporate alternative ways of treating patients with conventional medicine.
Complementary Medicine incorporates treatments less defined by the scientific community and is to be used alongside conventional medicine.

I decided to learn acupuncture and unknowingly began my long journey into Integrative Medicine, eventually getting an Associate Fellowship degree through world-renowned Dr.
Lynne Mielke, who founded Optimal Health Spectrums, offers Integrative Wellness Medicine including Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, HCG Diet programs, food allergy and nutritional assessment and supplementation, heavy metal detoxification, chelation, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and optimalization of the gastrointestinal and immune systems for a healthier you!
This means that typically Integrative Medicine doctors order different tests than other doctors do when assessing health status. It is true that Integrative Medicine practitioners usually favor more natural approaches, but it is not due to lack of belief in conventional medicine, but rather that the acquisition of knowledge for natural remedies opens up other possibilities from which to choose. When I was a resident, the attending physician for my continuity clinic was a hardcore Evidence-Based Medicine believer. I was fresh out of residency and not interested in starting a whole new language of medicine all over again.

As an Integrative Medicine practitioner, it is important to understand both concepts to help advise patients what course they may want to take or not to take. The next day, the physician called me and asked what anti-cough medication I had given her because her cough had disappeared.

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