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The alternative model, often termed the "gravitational collapse and fragmentation" theory, also presumes that clouds develop clumps in which proto-stellar cores form. The Land Bridge Theory argues that humans crossed over to Alaska from Siberia, via a land bridge created by glaciation.
Perhaps there are alternative theories in relation to Thor Heyerdahl's Kon-Tiki expedition.
Semaphore's answer ably covers theories based on polygenism's rival, monogenism--that is, the assumption that all humans have a single origin--Adam and Eve, Africa, etc. These so-called "theories" were pretty half-baked, and the land bridge theory proved to be much more compelling (though its now believed settlement began earlier than that theory thought). Prior to these theories, there was a large school of thought that considered Americans to be autochthonous. There is a pop science book, The Seven Daughters of Eve, following the spread of humans by tracing mitochondrial DNA, that touches on this theory too.

The theory developed in the 1930s and became the popularly accepted explanation for human settlement of the Americas. What Heyerdahl was proposing was that Early Americans were ancestral to the Polynesians (not the other way around). This belief draws on the theory of polygenism--that the several races had independent origins as separate species. The simulation shows that a protostar, once formed, cannot accrete much more gas from the surrounding clump, contradicting the competitive accretion theory. A few theorists, such as Kaimes, Morton, Nott and Glidden supported fully autochthonous origins with no old world component. 17 issue of Nature.Both theories try to explain how stars form in cold clouds of molecular hydrogen, perhaps 100 light years across and containing 100,000 times the mass of our sun.
Note that many old theories included over-land travel, so the idea that a "land bridge" is a modern idea is somewhat incorrect.

A theory of star formation is critical to understanding how galaxies and clusters of galaxies form, McKee said."Star formation is a very rich problem, involving questions such as how stars like the sun formed, why a very large number of stars are in binary star systems, and how stars ten to a hundred times the mass of the sun form," he said. In particular, the theory couldn't explain why the intense radiation from a large protostar doesn't just blow off the star's outer layers and prevent it from growing larger, even though astronomers have discovered stars that are 100 times the mass of the sun.While theorists, among them McKee, Klein and Krumholz, have advanced the gravitational collapse theory farther toward explaining this problem, the competitive accretion theory has come increasingly into conflict with observations. For example, the accretion theory predicts that brown dwarfs, which are failed stars, are thrown out of clumps and lose their encircling disks of gas and dust. In the past year, however, numerous brown dwarfs have been found with planetary disks."Competitive accretion theorists have ignored these observations," Klein said. Many predictions of the theory may be answered by new and larger telescopes now under construction, in particular the sensitive, high-resolution ALMA telescope being constructed in Chile by a consortium of United States, European and Japanese astronomers, McKee said.The work was supported by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy.

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