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What are herbal medicines, jobs with bachelors in alternative medicine - How to DIY

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The British Herbal Medicine Association was founded in 1964 to advance the science and practice of herbal medicine in the United Kingdom.
Company members of the BHMA are committed to the manufacture and supply of high quality herbal medicines.
Dr Dick Middleton, Chairman of the BHMA said: "The findings illustrate the importance for consumers to choose traditional herbal medicines when purchasing herbal products. This BHMA website gives detailed information about traditional herbal medicines that are available to purchase in the UK, both on-line and in retail outlets. If you would like to contact the British Herbal Medicine Association or discuss joining the organisation as an individual, practitioner, student or company member, please click here. Herbal medicine, in western countries, is usually classified as an alternative or complementary discipline however I refer to it as “original” medicine.
Medicinal herbs contain a rich abundance of chemical constituents, which are known to have significant therapeutic actions.

Qualified herbalists are trained to safely prescribe herbal medicines alongside pharmaceutical medications, and to avoid any potential adverse interactions. Medical Herbalists are also trained in diagnostic skills and are also able to recognise when a condition is best referred to other healthcare practitioners.Patients consult herbalists for help in managing a wide range of conditions.
To see if herbal medicine suits you, please phone for a chat or email to arrange a free 10-minute consultation.
It promotes the use of herbal medicinal products manufactured to pharmaceutical standards to ensure consistently high quality and effectiveness for the consumer.
Herbal medicines regulated under EU medicines law are suitable for treating self-limiting minor ailments. As herbal medicine is based in scientific research and application, you can feel reassured that you are in safe hands. If appropriate, and with your consent, your GP or consultant can be kept fully informed of any herbal regime provided.

These herbal medicines display a THR logo on the carton and they always include an in-pack leaflet which gives reliable, approved customer information. The practice of modern herbal medicine aims to provide the best clinical care, using treatments based on the best available research. All of these herbal medicinal products are of consistently high quality and can be purchased by consumers with confidence. An increasing amount of modern research is both confirming the ancient tradition of our herbs and uncovering new herbs which meet the ever changing demands of our population.

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