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While 80% of West Nile virus infections produce no symptoms in people, or symptoms which are mild or moderate, about 20% of cases produce mild symptoms including fever, headache, and body aches, often with skin rash on the chest, stomach and back, vomiting, and sometimes and swollen lymph glands - these symptoms generally last a few days, although some healthy people have reported having the illness for several weeks. Risk through medical procedures is very low as all donated blood is checked for West Nile virus before being used and the risk of getting West Nile virus through blood transfusions and organ transplants is very small, and should not prevent people who need surgery from having it.
Pregnancy and nursing do not increase the risk of becoming infected with West Nile virus and the risk that West Nile virus may infect a fetus or an infant through infected breast milk is still being evaluated - those with concerns should discuss them with their care provider - there are no reported adverse events following use of repellents containing DEET in pregnant or breast-feeding women - pregnant women and nursing mothers are encouraged to talk to their doctor if they develop symptoms that could be West Nile virus.

There is no specific treatment for West Nile virus infection and in most people with milder symptoms such as fever and aches, these will pass on their own without medical attention. In more severe cases, people are often hospitalized where they can receive supportive treatment including intravenous fluids, help with breathing and nursing care.

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