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Types of medical practices, when will there be a cure for herpes - .

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Software Advice talks regularly with medical offices looking for the right practice management software for their practices. That means 63 percent of buyers were replacing existing practice management software that they were unhappy with for one reason or another.
Another 15 percent of buyers indicated they were currently outsourcing their medical billing to a billing service.
The most common reason buyers cited for wanting to replace an existing practice management or billing system was that they weren’t confident their current system would be ICD-10-ready in time for the October 2015 switch to the new code set. In addition to ICD-10 concerns, buyers also talked about the need to be prepared for the new Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) 1500 claim forms that went into effect April 1, 2014.
Among buyers purchasing practice management software for the first time, we saw much more consolidation around purchase drivers. Though somewhat vague compared to the reasons buyers gave for replacing software, the need to become more organized and efficient is one we commonly see among software buyers in many markets, both medical and otherwise. Most of the practice management software buyers we spoke with were looking for integrated billing and scheduling solutions, rather than one or the other on a standalone basis.

When asked what features or functionality they needed in a practice management system, close to 40 percent of buyers in our sample said they wanted the system to include an integrated EHR.
It should be noted that this figure does not include buyers who currently have an EHR system, and want a new practice management system to integrate with that existing software. The next most commonly requested features were unique to the billing application within a practice management suite: coding assistance (automated suggestions or checks for CPT and ICD codes) and claim scrubbing (the automated validation of the codes used before submission to payers).
The buyers in this sample came primarily from small, private practices, with 54 percent representing solo practices and another 32 percent coming from practices with between two and five doctors.
To create this report, we randomly selected 385 of our phone interactions with medical practices seeking project management software during Q1 2014. Another 8 percent were using a commercial practice management product in addition to paper or other manual methods. However, among those who did explicitly request a certain type of deployment, the vast majority (88 percent) wanted to evaluate Web-based systems. Multiple buyers mentioned not wanting to maintain their own servers, or problems with their local servers leading to inaccessibility of their existing on-premise practice management tools.

For the most part, buyers specifically mentioned wanting to operate their practice management systems on an iPad or tablet; however, there were occasional references to smartphones, as well. Nearly 40 percent of buyers had a more administrative role, including practice administrators and office managers (22 percent) as well as practice owners or directors (17 percent).
The buyers represented a wide variety of medical specialties; however, mental health and chiropractic practices comprised a notably large share of the sample (25 percent and 16 percent, respectively).
Amour CPAs can assist your medical practice or healthcare organization, please contact Anna T.

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