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Types of alternative medicine in south africa, herbs for healing the body - For Begninners

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It was these pamphlets that first got me wondering about South African traditional healers, known as sangomas, and their alternative medicines, referred to as muti.
Photographer Sam Wolson visited a variety of shops selling alternative medicine in Johannesburg's muti market.
Johannesburg's muti market is located in the southeast, in an area of the city, where you will rarely find tourists, though Joburg's tourism website claims otherwise.

Much of the medicine at the Faraday Market is supplied by traders from tiny South Africa-locked country of Lesotho, a Mecca for herbal medicine (and horror stories surrounding its misuse). During a typical consultation, a sangoma will listen to the customer's problem and then throw bones to predict whether she can help. Some may call them witch doctors, but for many in South Africa, sangomas are trusted advisers on matters of the body, mind, and spirit.

Most of the medicine, however, actually consists of different types of tree bark and other plant parts.

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