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As more treatment options become available and supportive care improves, a larger number of people will survive after treatment for breast cancer.
Fatigue, cognitive changes, fear of recurrence, and depression were the most universal effects after treatment. As more treatment options become available and supportive care improves, a larger number of people will survive after diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. To help survivors deal with the impending potential side effects of cancer treatments, emphasis should be placed on the importance of continuity of care and of consistent communication between health care providers at the time of transition from completion of treatment to surveillance6. Current research indicates that cancer is a complex disease for most women, not only in its physical manifestations, but also in its onset, diagnosis, treatment, uncertainty, and follow-up care10–14. Initially, participants received a verbal explanation in one or a combination of English, Punjabi, Urdu, and Hindi from the researcher or facilitator before signing an ethics-approved Punjabi or English written informed consent. Thematic analysis was used to describe the experiences of our study cohort with the impact of breast cancer after treatment and their understanding of follow-up treatment. In all age groups, most women realized that they had the support of their spouses while going through cancer diagnosis and treatment—especially when some participants did not feel like having sex, but wanted intimacy in other ways. Most women from the oldest age group (>65 years of age) accepted the cancer diagnosis and treatment in a very matter-of-fact manner, especially now that they had reached the end of active treatment.
Most women from all the various age groups and subgroups described how their faith gave them an inner strength that helped them to face the cancer diagnosis and related treatments and to continue after being discharged. Some women were vivid in their descriptions and acceptance of their destiny in this life; however, they also understood that they could change or “turn” their karma by good deeds that could lessen their current suffering and alter the outcome of the cancer diagnosis. Some participants felt that survivors would derive benefit from physical activities such as walking during and after treatments. Cancer survivorship, most commonly defined as the period after primary adjuvant treatment has ended and before the onset of advanced disease, has become recognized as a distinct phase of the cancer trajectory with its own unique issues for the cancer survivor3–5,29.
Oral cancer can develop in any part of the mouth, including on the lips, tongue, cheeks, floor of the mouth, roof of the mouth, sinuses, and throat. Add to EJ Playlist  The human papillomavirus, or HPV, is commonly associated with sexually transmitted infections and cervical cancer.
Doctors from two prestigious universities told him that ONLY standard care of cancer treatment would cure him: high radiation dose plus chemo followed by a full neck surgery!
His wife researched in the internet and found Hyperthermia plus low radiation dose at the Valley Cancer Institute.
Add to EJ Playlist  Of the 45,000 new cases of head and neck cancer per year, 70-80 percent are linked to human papillomavirus (HPV) infection. Robert Haddad, MD, of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, discusses research suggesting HPV may spread through saliva or skin contact.
Tissue changes do not always mean cancer, but certainly need to evaluated promptly to determine the cause. Add to EJ Playlist  Mouth cancer refers to cancer that develops in any of the parts that make up the mouth. Mouth cancer is one of several types of cancer grouped in a category called head and neck cancers. The risk factors of Mouth Cancer are tobacco use of any kind, heavy alcohol use, excessive sun exposure to your lips and sexually transmitted virus called human papillomavirus.
Jamie Smith, Cancer Control Specialist, and the Kentucky Cancer Program are working to identify cancer problems and mobilize communities into action.
This is a story told by Garry Williams, who experienced dry mouth syndrome due to mouth cancer. If you do get oral cancer, then there are a few different kinds of treatments which may be advanced by your medical professionals.
Add to EJ Playlist  Throat, mouth, lip and tongue cancers used to be seen as a result of smoking and affected a small sliver of the cancer population. It's estimated 71% of new oral cancer cases are linked to the human papilloma virus, which also causes cervical cancer.
Oral cancers fed by HPV are mostly diagnosed in people who have a lump in their neck- caused by a growing tumor. She finds chemotherapy and radiation used to treat oral cancers today carry less long-term eating, drinking and swallowing issues.

Greater awareness is feeding into a better understanding of HPV oral cancers, making them easier to manage and overcome. The number of oral cancer cases is increasing significantly due largely to the human papillomavirus (HPV), a sexually transmitted disease that's most commonly spread through oral sex. Add to EJ Playlist  Oral cancer is a type of head and neck cancer that affects the mouth. The City of Gulfport, in conjunction with the Oral Cancer Foundation, will be hosting a free Oral Cancer Screening on Saturday, May 8, from 10 a.m. Oral cancer belongs to the head and neck cancer group, and is often referred to by other names such as; tongue cancer, mouth cancer, tonsil cancer, lip cancer, and throat cancer. The key to reducing the death rate of oral cancer is earlier detection, and the key to that is for all adults to receive opportunistic oral cancer examinations at least once a year. Add to EJ Playlist  Close to 42,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral or pharyngeal cancer this year.
Which is why Brill created a pathway for patients, to help them stay nourished during and after treatment. Because head and neck cancers have a relatively low profile, fewer people know about its specialized therapy.
Add to EJ Playlist  More than 43,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral cancer -- or cancer of the head and neck -- this year. Because of the growing recognition of cancer survivorship as a distinct phase in the cancer trajectory, development of efficient and effective strategies or care plans for the organized transitioning of patients from active treatment at a specialized cancer centre to post-treatment care in the community is now being seen as critical to the overall health and well-being of patients3–8. Institute of Medicine recommends that cancer patients be provided with a comprehensive care summary and follow-up plan that is clearly explained and reviewed with them upon discharge3.
Younger survivor age has been reported to be associated with greater care needs after treatment12,13.
Women in all groups spoke of “having lower energy than I should have.” Others identified fatigue as a loss of physical strength that drained the body of the physical capacity they had before cancer treatment.
For those reasons, participants felt that health care providers should inform their patients about the side effects of cancer treatments—especially the long-term effects on hormones and reproduction—so that women could make informed decisions. Some women in these age groups felt that counselling about the impact of diagnosis and treatment should have been provided from the beginning so that they could prepare for the side effects of depression and distress. Most women found that they could talk with family or community members who were already cancer survivors because they received hope from each other. For most women, this meant that they could share their personal cancer experiences within their own cultural and social context, in their mother tongue, making the exchange more meaningful and supportive.
Participants from all age groups indicated a need for a record of the diagnosis, the types of treatment given, and the prognosis.
They felt that this suggestion should be communicated early so that they could overcome fatigue, depression, and weight gain during active treatment and afterwards.
It was especially true for women who felt more burdened and depressed when the community stigmatized cancer as a “horrible disease that meant a death penalty.” Formal or informal peer support from people who speak the same language was especially valued, because participants could not always confide in or burden family members. However, concern remains about what is done and said during treatment that might set the stage for survivorship.
Institute of Medicine3 and the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer4 have b oth identified cancer survivorship as a top priority. Women of other ethnicities have also reported that spirituality and prayer provided them with inner strength to live through the cancer journey6,11,23,39.
Risk factors for oral cancer include smoking or spit (chewing) tobacco and excessive use of alcohol.
So, when the well-known actor Michael Douglas implied that his throat cancer was caused by HPV, contracted through oral sex, the news made headlines around the world. They choose the hyperthermia treatment because of the very low or no side effects of this gentle heat cancer treatment..
Jeffrey Wolf discusses how oral surgeons at the University of Maryland Medical Center are now using the da Vinci Surgical System to perform trans-oral robotic surgery for early stage head and neck cancer patients.
Learn about the warning signs for oral cancer and hear from a patient about his head and neck cancer treatment experience. Since oral cancer kills one person every hour, twenty-four hours a day, in North America, Dr.

Kevin Brumund talks about Oral Cancer, the signs of possible cancer, what to look for, and the risk factors.Dr. Mouth cancer can occur on the lips, gums, tongue,inside lining of the cheeks, roof of the mouth and floor of the mouth. The human papillomanvirus or HPV is a sexually transmitted virus that's linked to a variety of cancers, including cancer of the throat. Funded by the General Assembly and jointly administered by the James Graham Brown Cancer Center at the University of Louisville and the Lucille Parker Markey Cancer Center at the University of Kentucky, KCP focuses specifically on the state's cancer problems. As researchers look closer at HPV oral cancers, they are finding differences that affect patient's survivability.
They are for the most part less aggressive, which in turn has contributed to better treatment options. For nearly a century, we've been providing our community with everything from primary care treatment to highly specialized care services and robotic assisted surgeries. Discover our latest oral cancer treatment as well information on its causes, warning signs, symptoms and prevention. Tobacco users, heavy alcohol users, and those with a prior history of cancer should be examined more frequently. But it's actually one of the roughest treatments to go through," says Stacey Brill, speech therapist with Lee Memorial Health System. While the survival rate is better than many other cancers, the after-affects can be felt for a lifetime.
The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer has formed a National Survivorship Working Group whose current focus is the implementation of care maps and models of care to guide survivors and their caregivers4.
Women said that being counselled about the long-term side effects of surgery and cancer treatments should be explained in terms of the practical implications for function and quality of life.
One woman realized that negative conditions were already present in the relationship, but the significance of those conditions was heightened by the lack of support she felt after her cancer diagnosis and during treatment. However, most women realized that the cancer diagnosis—and their treatment and prognosis—was a part of their lives, and they acknowledged it as such. Breast cancer in the mother might mean that a daughter could have breast cancer as well, making matrimony with the daughter a higher risk for the future husband’s family.
Both agencies want to ensure that patients and their families receive enhanced care through a coordinated approach with a view to a healthier life after treatment. However, a recent study found if one of the partners in a couple had HPV-related throat cancer, the other partner was not at greater risk of oral HPV infections. Often referred to as mouth cancer, tongue cancer, and throat cancer, oral cancer caused over 8,000 deaths in 2008, killing roughly 1 person per hour, 24 hours per day.
The screening dramatically increases our odds of discovering oral cancer early rather than late.Oral Cancer Screening with Dr. Some women explained that the cancer diagnosis had to be kept secret from most of the family and community so as to keep the daughters from being marred as unmarriageable—a situation that became burdensome and non-supportive for these particular families as a whole.
Neal Futran, director of Otolaryngology -- Head and Neck Surgery at the University of Washington Medical Center, recount the diagnosis and her available treatment options.
Wolf provides an overview of the da Vinci Surgical System, the types of oral cancers being treated with this technology and the benefits to patients who undergo this type of procedure in place of traditional surgery.
In 2001, the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation identified the survivorship phase as the “continuing care” phase in its gap analysis report.
Coogan's treatment crossed medical disciplines, involving surgeries to remove cancer and reconstruct the jaw, and installation of the dental prosthesis. It noted gaps of recovery and rehabilitation awareness, community supportive care, and consumer empowerment for cancer survivors1. Smothers, RDH; and Cheryl Rawls, CDA about the importance of oral health and cancer prevention and also some exciting information on a test you can take to find out your risk for oral cancers.

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