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Treatment for std in throat, homeopathic remedies for cold sores - PDF Review

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Your doctor will examine the throat and will get a throat swab test done for confirming the presence of bacteria. After receiving the infectious bacterium through sex, the person will not show any symptoms immediately.
Generally men do not show any symptoms of Chlamydia in throat infection but some men may have foul smelling discharge from the penis and pain while urinating. Very often, the infection is confused for sore throat and hence it is difficult to diagnose. Bacteria exist on the saliva of the throat and while insertion of anus or any other object like sex toys it will get transmitted to other person.
It is marked as the common sexually transmitted infections and it spreads through sexual contact.
In addition to the above symptoms affecting the genital area, the infection may spread to the throat causing sore throat and redness.

You need to complete the course of medication as prescribed by your doctor for getting cured.
The bacteria will attack the mucous membrane of the throat which gives rise to sore throat and redness. For women, the infectious bacteria can cause pain while urinating, frequent vaginal discharge, pelvic pain, and pain while having sex.
There may be difficulty in swallowing and in rare cases bumps or lesions are seen as tiny spots on throat. There is less chance for getting transmitted with these bacteria unless you have oral sex on anus and rectum. However you can easily prevent oral throat infection by not having oral sex or wearing condom during sex.
For some women, vagina may bleed after sex and for some others it can cause heavy bleeding between periods.

You need to check with your doctor, if you have sore throat for more than a week and you have had unsafe sex.
For some people, erythromycin or ofloxacin are also given for treating Chlamydia infection. Typically the bacterium affects the genitals often and in rare cases it can cause infection in throat also. The affected individual may develop soreness in throat but in some cases it may not cause any symptoms.

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