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Treatment for cold sore scar, how to get rid of herpes naturally - Try Out

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This formula delivers L-lysine and LEM Shitake Mushroom extract along with a dynamic combination of supporting herbal extracts and vitamins. This moisturizing petroleum-free convenient Coldstick also relieves cracked or chapped lips. For long term management or severe circumstances, many use the Super Lysine Plus+ Tablets on a daily basis.

It is made using hydrocolloid technology to maintain skin moisture necessary for optimal comfort and relief.
The bandage will help hide your cold sore, protect it from irritants and contamination and help stop contagious spread. The bandages are gentle on the skin, protect against scarring, and support the body's natural cleansing mechanism.

The latex-free cold sore bandage is made from a semi-transparent material so it blends in with your lip color.

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