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Treating cold sores in kids, true about natural cure for herpes - How to DIY

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Children often develop cold sores after being exposed to the herpes simplex virus, because they are stressed or overly tired. Cold sores, also known as fever blisters, can make you feel uncomfortable and self-conscious. Although it may not be completely possible to eliminate the chance of getting cold sores, using caution when sores are present can reduce the possibility of spreading the virus. If you have frequent or severe outbreaks of cold sores, discuss the condition with your doctor. Cold sores (oral herpes simplex), flu, and other diseases are contracted through kissing, etc.
Once infected, cold sores plague you for life with risk of blindness, brain damage, , and death, etc.[1][2][3][4][5][6] Help spread the word (see below). More than half of American young people are infected with oral herpes simplex virus or cold sores (percentage of those infected increasing with age usually due to kissing).
Cold sores are very contagious and can be passed from one person to another through kissing or other intimate physical contact without either person knowing that they have the disease.
The truth is that the best way to prevent cold sores is by not kissing or having any intimate physical contact until marriage and by not sharing eating utensils, towels, lip balm, shavers, etc. Allow your child to get plenty of rest to help heal the cold sore in a shorter period of time. Cold sores can hurt sometimes and are a pain to have on the lip, especially because of it being un-comftorable!
A cold sore, however, is actually a symptom of the herpes virus and should always be treate…d promptly. The symptoms of cold sores can include itching, burning and pain, along with their u…nsightly appearance and the potential for embarrassment. Sometimes, the virus can even be spread through the saliva of an infected person, even if that person does not get cold sores.
Even without obvious sores, the virus is usually present on the lips of an infected person. Acyclovir (Zovirax) is taken at the first sign of the cold sore, then orally five times daily.
It can happen by touching a cold sore and then touching an area of broken skin or a mucus membrane (moist lining tissue, as is found in the eyes or vagina). Let's turn around our culture by giving them a reason to warn against the kiss risk of coldsores, other diseases, and flu, etc.

These sores are often painful, but home remedies to alleviate the sore are useful to heal the oral area. Brew up some tea, then pour it onto a cloth and place on the cold sore for 10 minutes every hour.
Here are some tips for the treatment of cold sores in children.If your child's cold sore is bothering them, try treating it with a cold compress. Cold sores are contagious and are passed to others through direct contact or contact with body fluid.
In contrast to canker sores, cold sores usually develop on the lip and not inside the mouth.
Some over-the-counter creams or gels can offer pain relief, and some people find hot or cold compresses to be helpful in relief of burning and pain. Valacyclovir (Valtrex) is taken immediately at the first sign of a cold sore and then 12 hours later.
You can prevent this self-spread (known as autoinoculation) by careful hand washing and not touching the cold sore. Herpetic whitlow usually occurs because of finger or thumb sucking in children with cold sores.
Cold sores (fever blisters) appear on the mouth, hands, and various other parts of the body. It serves little purpose to ask someone if they have oral herpes before kissing or intimate contact since blisters do not even need to be present for you to get the cold sore disease. Repeat this practice every hour for at least three hours to reduce the pain and inflammation from the sore. These easy fixes alleviate cold sores that are already present and prevent new ones from happening.
Ice wrapped in a soft cloth is soothing or you can use a popsicle for relief.Lysine has recently been found to be effective against cold sores and poses no danger to children. For best results, apply these cold sore ointments as soon as you begin to feel the tingle.Lip Clear Lysine + Cold Sore Ointment is clinically proven to heal cold sores quickly, naturally and painlessly. The cause of canker sores is poorly understood, and canker sores are not contagious like cold sores. Look for chapsticks or lip balms that contain lysine as topical application can shorten the duration of a cold sore outbreak.
The plague-like spread of the cold sore virus is largely due to misinformation and the irresponsible, 'romantic' glorification of mouth-to-mouth kissing in movies, tv, and other media, and even other health websites.

Continued use of lysine products may also be effective in preventing future outbreaks.Cold sores are sometimes painful and irritating. While other cold sore ointments just soothe, Abreva goes deep inside the skin to fight cold sores from the inside out. In between outbreaks of cold sores, the virus remains present in the body inside nerve cells.
Do not use aspirin, which can trigger Reye's syndrome in some children.The herpes virus is easily communicable, so keep your child away from any other children until the sore has crusted over or gone away. Cold Sore Relief relieves dryness, softens cold sores and fever blisters and provides soothing relief at any stage of the cold sore.
Disinfect any toys they may share with other children to prevent the virus from spreading.Several over-the-counter products such as Anbesol, Orajel or Zilactin can be soothing to cold sores.
Purchase this product from Enzymatic Therapy's website or a variety of online retailers.Carmex Cold Sore Reliever and Lip Moisturizer has been providing relief for chapped lips and cold sores for 75 years. Zilactin also creates a shield over the cold sore and can help it to heal faster.While a cold sore is a symptom of the herpes virus, it's a different strain of the virus than that which results in chicken pox, genital herpes or shingles, and there's no chance your child's cold sore can develop into one of these more serious conditions. The famous formula includes camphor and menthol and fights cold sores.Untreated cold sores can last up to two weeks without the speedy relief of Anbesol's Cold Sore Therapy. Prompt treatment of your child's cold sore keeps further outbreaks at bay.Learn to distinguish cold sores from canker sores. When you get a cold sore, keep it dry and clean and apply Anbesol Cold Sore Therapy as soon as the symptoms appear. The ointment is made with vitamin E and aloe, which moisturize the affected area while protecting it and treating the pain.Cold sores are often painful, unsightly and embarrassing.
In order to prevent cold sores from occurring, be sure to wear lip balm with sun protection. However, if you still get a cold sore, one of these ointments is sure to get rid of it.Although cold sore ointments help relieve existing symptoms, they are ineffective in the prevention of cold sores.

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