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Women all over the world are becoming increasingly interested in alternative treatments for breast cancer. Unfortunately, the lack of regulation involved in alternative medicine makes it very confusing for many of these women who need help. However, “complementary” therapies are becoming more and more common as a part of a complete, breast cancer treatment solution. Whole Medical – These methods utilize culturally based healing methods such as Ayurveda (originated in India), acupuncture (a part of traditional Chinese medicine), homeopathy and naturopathy. Mind & Body – Practitioners of mind and body medicine focus on the ability of one’s mind to effect bodily functions. Bio-Focused – These treatment methods typically involve vitamins, herbal medicine, nutritional therapy and dietary supplements.
Although scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of complementary breast cancer treatments is hard to find, but physicians and scientists often disagree on the scales used to measure complementary therapies.

Most of the evidence supporting complementary medicine focuses on its ability to relieve the side effects associated with traditional treatment methods. Since women with breast cancer often suffer from obesity, diet and exercise can be some of the best forms of medicine for breast cancer.
Although alternative medicine has yet to be proven as an effective treatment in most cases, most of treatment methods are safe and many women continue to claim that they help.
Easy Alternative Medicine TipInstead of buying expensive diet supplements all of the time, try adding dried red peppers to your diet. This common, but serious disease affects thousands of women every year and almost all of them have some interest in learning about alternative therapies for the disease. There are often questions regarding how these treatments work and how effective they are at treating or managing breast cancer symptoms.
Most treatment methods are not actually sole “alternatives” to standard breast cancer treatments.

Complementary treatments are often used in combination with traditional cancer treatments to improve results and relieve side effects.
Studies regarding complementary medicine can be difficult due to the complexity of the issues involved. In a recent scientific study, dieters who consumed eggs for breakfast tended to be less hungry throughout the day than those who consumed more carb-heavy breakfast meals. A low-fat diet with plenty of cruciferous vegetables and fresh fruits can also be highly beneficial.

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