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Wellness-Pampering-RelaxationMassage is one of the most natural ways to help us deal with the physical, mental and emotional stresses of modern daily life. I have joined forces with two fellow massage therapists to formulate a new business, Covington Massage & Wellness Centre, LLC. Covington Massage & Wellness Centre is located at 503 North Columbia Street, Covington, LA. Marie Humphries was Elected as 1st Vice President of the American Massage Therapy Association.

At Therapeutic Touch we offer a variety of massages and treatments to prevent and alleviate pain, discomfort, muscle spasm, and stress. I will continue to work under the name of Therapeutic Touch Massage Studio but located within Covington Massage & Wellness Centre. So if you are in the area during one of those events be sure to stop by if we are open and we will give you a tour of our facility.
Each massage is personalized using techniques and pressure appropriate to your needs and preferences, so that your body, mind, and spirit can ease into a place of comfort and relaxation.

Massage is our main function but we occasionally offer activities such as small yoga or fitness classes, essential oil classes, meditation and nutrition classes. You will receive your massage session in a peaceful environment with soothing music and low lighting.

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