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Therapeutic touch in nursing, alternative cancer clinics in tijuana - Reviews

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I certainly wouldn’t advocate for NHS-funded touch therapy in place of other more evidence-based approaches, and clearly such an intervention could never be implemented on a large scale since the care-givers would need to truly feel the compassion they were trying to convey.
But compassion, empathy and the human touch are central to holistic care, and it is worth reminding ourselves of their value.
As I am a physiotherapist in such a setting I got interested in looking at aspects of touch and communication .

In addition, the experience of intentional touch has the potential to transform the way in which the nurse regards his or her patients. Many isolated , lonely individuals are certainly touch starved and many patients seldom get examined in any meaningful way . Rather than seeing a demanding patient, Edvardsson suggests that the use of intentional touch helps the nurse see the patient as a human being. Human touch can communicate in ways that go beyond the limitations of language, and articulate kindness more powerfully than any other action.

Some nursing practices, which can be as simple as providing hand and foot care, encourage the use of intentional therapeutic touch to offer comfort and promote healing as part of holistic nursing practice.

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