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If you have engaged in high risk sexual behaviors and are at risk for contracting herpes or if may be currently experiencing a possible oral or genital herpes outbreak, getting tested is important. The symptoms of genital herpes include: pain or itching that begins 2-10 days after being exposed to an infected sexual partner, the formation of small red bumps or tiny blisters on your genitalia, ulcers that develop when the blisters or bumps rupture, scabs that materialize while the ulcers heal.
Your doctor may also order blood tests to examine your blood for traces of the herpes virus.
In some cases, doctors may perform a Tzanck test, though they are rarely used now.[12] A Tzanck test requires scraping the base of lesions and collecting a skin sample. Your doctor may collect a tissue sample by scraping your lesions and send the cell probe to a laboratory that can detect the herpes virus. Your doctor may conduct a blood test, which can detect herpes virus antibodies in your blood.
Many people feel shame and embarrassment when they are first diagnosed with genital herpes and they may even wonder if anyone will want to have sex with them again. Meet HelperT2895, a medical student from India who has been active on wikiHow for over 2 years. The only real way to tell if someone has herpes is advised to take a blood test with the herpes virus.
Once again, the best way to know that someone has herpes virus is through blood tests and the best way to avoid herpes virus is through safe sex, faithful to your partner and stop doing unhealthy sexual intercourse. Before getting tested for either oral or gential herpes, observe the symptoms of the disease on your body. If you recognize symptoms of either oral or genital herpes or even suspect you might have it, see your doctor as soon as you can.
Like oral herpes, your doctor may be able to diagnose genital herpes by conducting an examination of your genitalia and anal area. The PCR test involves getting a blood or tissue sample, or a sample of spinal fluid to test for the presence of the herpes virus in your DNA. Once your doctor has conducted tests to confirm a diagnosis of herpes, wait for your diagnosis.

If an outbreak of oral herpes, which consists of cold sores or blisters around the mouth, isn’t too severe, you can leave it alone and not treat it. There is no cure for oral herpes and treating it with antiviral medications can help heal outbreaks sooner and lessen the severity of recurrences.
An important part of living with oral herpes is communicating with your partner or partners that you have the virus.
Whether your oral herpes are dormant or you are having an outbreak of cold sores, you need to take steps to prevent your partner from contracting the disease. Even though oral herpes are very common, some people may still experience social stigmas attached to them, which may cause feelings of shame, stress, anxiety, or depression. Since there is no cure for genital herpes, treating it with antiviral medications can help heal outbreaks sooner and lessen the severity of recurrences.
An important part of living with genital herpes is communicating with your partner or partners about the virus. Whether the disease is dormant or you are having an outbreak of lesions, you need to take steps to prevent your partner from contracting genital herpes.
Even though sexual politics have progressed, there are often still social stigmas attached to genital herpes. Joining a support group of others who suffer from genital herpes can offer you unconditional support from others who understand what you’re experiencing.
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Previously we need to know that herpes simplex virus can come in the body unnoticed or undetected for years with someone who has the virus.
Unfortunately, more than half of the people who have Herpes Simplex Virus do not know this, so it can also unwittingly spread the virus to the others.
This can not only help you get a diagnosis and treatment more quickly, but may also save you from unnecessary medical tests. She’ll run further tests on the sample to determine if you have herpes.[10] This test may cause minor discomfort.

For this reason there is no real way for the execution of the diagnosis that ultimately aims to confirm whether a person has herpes or not. These manifest themselves either through genital sores (or HSV-2) or oral blisters (HSV-1 or herpes simplex). The most obvious indication that a person is experiencing an outbreak of herpes outbreak itself, like the skin symptoms that associated with herpes can be seen as something of red swollen blisters like some small pimples. And the fact is herpes type 1 or that called oral herpes can be transmitted like genital herpes. Although there is no cure for herpes, you can manage the virus once you’ve been tested for the disease.
This thing could be happen because oral herpes can be transmitted during oral sex and then it cause genital herpes.
And the genital herpes actually can appear anywhere, especially on the part below the waist.
They should also know how to test for herpes because herpes can be transmitted even when there are no visible signs.
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People who have genital herpes are also frequently reported in that this outbreak occurred in the thighs, lower back or pelvic area. Herpes virus becomes active in nerve cells and activates when traveling through the nerve cells to the skin surface.

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