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Only about 1 in 5,500 babies gets neonatal herpes, even though the virus is widespread in the adult population. Medical practitioners are concerned about release of the membranes for longer than four hours when a woman has a herpes outbreak.
Dangers to the baby who develops herpes include death (60% mortality rate), herpes encephalitis or aseptic meningitis (inflammation of the brain or spinal cord), which, in turn, leads to neurological damage. If left to develop into full-blown herpes, it can cause the baby’s death, brain damage, or blindness. During an outbreak of herpes in pregnancy, have the pregnant woman take 1000 mg lysine three times a day along with vitamin C (500 mg, 3 times a day).
Short life: Baby Mira who died from herpes simplex virus-1, the same virus that causes the common cold sore at just 10 days oldA brass plaque propped up on the mantelpiece spells it out. Neonatal herpes is not a reportable disease in most countries, so there are no hard statistics about the exact number of newborns affected.

One study (Randolph, JAMA 1993) places the risk at about 0.04% for such women, who then have no signs or symptoms of an outbreak at delivery. The first symptom of disease in the newborn may be a sore on the skin, which can be tested with a fluorescent stain to diagnose it as a herpes lesion.
Early treatment is imperative if there is a suspicion that a baby might have a herpes skin eruption.
The chances of transmission are highest when a woman acquires genital herpes late in pregnancy. Premature or otherwise compromised babies are at greater risk when a woman has a recurrent outbreak of HSV II. To put this number in greater perspective, an estimated 20-25% of pregnant women have genital herpes, while less than 0.1% of babies contract an infection. Visitors should be kept to a minimum, told to wash hands carefully before entering the mother’s room, and barred from visiting if the visitor has any type herpes outbreak or infection.

Although remarkably rare in newborns, herpes outbreaks can cause severe and lasting damage to those who are infected with the virus.
But because Mira's symptoms were so nondescript, nobody knew what was making her so poorly. But she says most of them aren't even aware of the dangers of this virus to newborn babies.

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