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There is a more natural approach to help with treating herpes than with medications, which only really became popular in the 1980’s. However, because the body cannot produce Lysine, it must be ingested by either through diet or supplementation. However, in an article from the journal Herpes in 2005, it was concluded that there are insufficient data on L-lysine to support claims of efficacy and safety of this supplement. The best thing would be to have a nutritionist structure a diet for you but since that is not possible for most of us, there are a few sources where you can get this information. For those of you interested in taking supplements, most studies on high doses of L-lysine as a preventative treatment have been inconclusive. Information provided on this site is not intended as a substitute for medical advice on any health concerns you may have. Doctors can prescribe a variety of medications, including Valtrex or Valacyclovir to help cure the outbreak of herpes.

According to research done by the University of Maryland Medical Centre, while it indicates that L-lysine taken on a regular basis helps prevent development of cold sores and genital herpes , they proclaimed more studies are required to establish any real benefits.
While a few studies have found that L-lysine decreases the severity of an outbreak, most studies have been small and poorly designed. It appears from the earliest studies that L-lysine does have a positive effect against herpes with a lot less side effects then using regular medications. Although there have been many studies on the substance, and the uses continue to grow between seven and ten per cent a year according to Pharmascope.org, the jury is still out on its benefits, specifically in the treatment of herpes.
Dennis Clark who has spent fifteen years focusing on treating herpes with diet and herbs and over 30 years in biological research.
A good advice is if you do decide to take L-Lysine supplements, check the dosage as you will need to take an average of 1,000 mg daily to be effective. Some medications only reduce the length of an outbreak by one day, according to The Center for the Biology of Chronic Disease.

When they do, they form a new protein that destroys the protective shell leaving the virus exposed to the body’s natural defense mechanisms.
Others who are not so lucky will have painful outbreaks that last from 4 to 14 days after becoming infected.
He recommends supplementing your diet by adding at least 1,000 mg a day to help prevent outbreaks of herpes. However, it is recommended to increase dosage to as much as 3,000 mg a day during an outbreak.

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