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Based on research cited by the Safe Lab Centre, roughly 500,000 new cases of herpes occur each year, and as many as 20 to 25% of all adults over the age of 15 have developed genital herpes. Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease that is surprisingly common, with more and more cases each year. However, those that itch often find that the herpes itching can be unbearable without scratching. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, the primary herpes infection is usually the worst, followed by several recurrence stages.
Whether the primary or the recurrent stage, the herpes itching can last from 2 days before the lesions occur (according to the New York State Department of Health Manual on Herpes), until after the blisters and sores heal.
Controlling the itchy feeling of herpes can be difficult, but there are several options you can consider. Baking Soda – Baking soda is a simple but easy way to relieve some of the itching from herpes.
For very mild herpes recurrences, the above home care should make the symptoms more manageable. Doctors also often prescribe antiviral medications that are valuable for controlling herpes outbreaks. They also need to be used during the prodromal phase of the herpes outbreak (before the lesions have broken skin).
Many of those dealing with both herpes types 1 and 2 prefer to avoid pharmaceutical treatments, because the side effects can be disruptive and requires a prescription. There are several anti-viral herbs that have shown promise with reducing the effects of herpes, but the above three are some of the most valuable herbs and nutrients currently available for stopping the disease from progressing, and reducing the herpes itch that can be such trouble during your everyday life. Herdox is a natural approach to herpes management that helps limit the number and severity of breakouts.

Stop Herpes Now created by David Hogg is a new herpes treatment book that reveals to people natural remedies for herpes, and an internal and external herpes treatment program. Stop Herpes Now book penned by David Hogg introduces to people an internal and external herpes treatment program, and natural remedies for herpes. It's important to avoid scratching the herpes itch, because while it's difficult to spread the disease to others through scratching, it is possible to re-infect yourself if you touch an open area of your skin. Herpes cannot be cured, but the symptoms can be managed by using the right management tools. When the sore is open, those with herpes are also at risk for infection, and infection can cause a fairly severe itch. But for most outbreaks it's a good idea to complement the home care with some type of herpes itching treatment.
Many doctors recommend painkillers like ibuprofen to control the herpes pain, and these types of medicines can have mild benefits for controlling the itch.
Deadly or dangerous side effects are fairly rare with herpes medications, but some degree of side effects is not uncommon with regular use. This book also covers safe and effective remedies for genital herpes that are suitable for anyone who is suffering from genital herpes. In addition, this book indicates that genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease that is caused by the herpes simplex virus type 1, or the herpes simplex viruses type 2.
In addition, in this book, people will discover what genital herpes is, what the symptoms of genital herpes are, how they get genital herpes, what the complications of genital herpes are, and how genital herpes affect a pregnant woman and her baby, and other secrets. You should also wear loose fitting clothing over genital herpes, as this will prevent friction from upsetting the lesion. One type of the virus - herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV1) - can lead to cold sores or fever blisters around the mouth.

In addition, in this book, people will find out all necessary information about herpes such as genital herpes, causes of herpes, symptoms of herpes, and strategies on how to treat this disease at source.
The book also gives people natural remedies, treatment plans, and step-by-step instructions that help them reduce the duration and frequency of herpes outbreaks, and reduce the risk of HSV type 2 transmission to a susceptible partner.
Furthermore, this new herpes treatment book contains everything herpes sufferers need to control their herpes, and prevent this disease from coming back again. At worst, the itching from herpes can be unbearable, and you may even find that herpes is causing you cold or flu like symptoms.
Furthermore, the book also provides people with tips, advanced methods, diet plans, nutritional information, and some secrets that they can use for treating herpes, boosting their immune system, and healing this disease quickly and naturally. Furthermore, there are a lot of other lessons, and useful information about herpes that people can discover in this book. After David Hogg launched the “Stop Herpes Now” book, a lot of herpes sufferers have used it for treating herpes and preventing the recurrence of herpes again. Both types of herpes virus are contagious and can be passed from person to person through contact with the herpes sores or blisters. They said that this herpes treatment book helped them cure all types of herpes such as genital herpes, herpes type 1, herpes type 2, and other types. Consequently, the website Vkool completed a full review about this new herpes treatment book.

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