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In this groundbreaking series you will learn the art and science of sound healing, from how it works, to experiencing it through immersion. You’ll also learn the ethics of vibrational therapy, and how not to project your own issues into a healing session. Sound healing has been around for thousands of years, and many of these methods are just as powerful today as they were then. Sound waves are actually physical matter (atoms and molecules), where light waves are electromagnetic and appear as different colors when dispersed through a prism. Now that you’ve learned the tools and gained a bit of real experience in using sound, it’s time to learn what it’s like to be a healing practitioner, a guide and healing presence for others.
Sound Healing Tools and Techniques which were covered in the webcasts – LIVE demos and mini practice exchanges with each other, with intention for clearing and releasing anything that is not in your highest good, and inviting you to embody the frequency that most supports you. How to use your unique signature sound and intention to step into the vibration of what you DO want, such as happiness, grace, ease, certainty, well-being or courage.
A Sound Bath we create together with our Voices, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Singing Bowls & Drums. Dive deep, bringing together all that you’ve learned, and practice the art and science of Sound Healing hands on with your fellow participants. Whether you plan to serve clients as a sound healing practitioner, or simply to use what you have learned to create greater harmony, healing and happiness in your life, this retreat will be an anchor of well-being, confidence and self-mastery.
Michael’s performances are a catalyst for healing, meditation and transformation and seem to carry the beauty and spirit of the woods and water surrounding us. To learn the fundamentals of Sound Healing, and to go beyond that, to experience healing and transformation. We're generating custom event recommendations for you based on SOUND HEALING Certification right now! CIIS Public Program & Performances is proud to host the Certificate in Sound, Voice, and Music in the Healing Arts. Unique Integral Approach to LearningThe certificate program is based on a multicultural, multidisciplinary, and integral approach to the study of voice, music, and sound—and explores their effect on the human mind, body, and spiritual development.

Synthesizes scientific discoveries from the West with the ancient sound wisdom of the East, as well as with traditional South and North American indigenous sound and shamanic healing. Offers a mind-body-spirit perspective in working with sound and musical instruments in therapeutic facilities.
Encourages students to work with various music, voice, and sound modalities in developing therapeutic insight.
Sound supports the process of transforming energy patterns, reveals measurable effects in the physical body, and facilitates the connection between mind-body-spirit.
Today, the field of sound and music healing is rapidly gaining recognition as an essential component of health care in our society. Receive ample individual attention as you study intensively in small groups led by experts and pioneers in the field of sound. Build professional collaborations and networks with those who share your passion for sound and healing. Each participant shall learn proper techniques on handling, caring for and usage of a wide variety of sound healing tools in a wide variety of arenas. Each day begins with a ceremony of sound, vibration and magic with preparation of mind, body and spirit as we prepare to embark upon this powerful journey. Jay’s performances have been presented throughout the United States in churches, healing centers, and yoga studios. You will also learn to use the tools of Sound Healing, from focusing your intention to using Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Crystals, Crystal Singing Bowls, Drums, Light and Color, sacred geometry, music and movement, and using your own Voice to heal as you practice both giving and receiving the healing power of sound. You will learn how to conduct a complete Sound Healing session with a friend or client, from intake and regulatory concerns, to asking from the heart for your client to book their next appointment.
We’ll discuss the importance of doing your own self-healing work, and provide useful tools for a daily practice to keep you clear and grounded, and provide resources for times when the healer needs healing!
This retreat is highly experiential; expect a transformational and healing experience as you step into Level I of the Mastery of Sound Healing.
The Certificate in Sound, Voice, and Music in the Healing Arts is the first certificate program of it's kind offered at an accredited university.The program is unique in the way that it integrates theory and practice in a comprehensive curriculum built upon both scientific research and spiritual wisdom traditions.

The singing voice, for example, as a fabric of breath, vibration, and emotion, can affect the body and mind more efficiently than any other form of sound. Many acupuncturists, naturopaths, chiropractors, massage therapists, and psychotherapists, to name just a few, have integrated sound and music healing into their practice. During this transformational journey, each student will experience a powerful healing, clearing and releasing of the old, preparing for a bringing in of the new energies. From this point we are prepared to give birth to our new sound healing journey, bringing these tools and techniques to our clients, friends and family making the student a prepared Sound Healing Alchemist and receive personal transformation and healing by way of Sound Alchemy. Many healing systems connect specific colors to specific chakras or energy centers, and specific sounds to certain colors as well, while others feel that any color can be “encoded” onto any sound, as long as the intention is clear. You’ll do a short discovery process to help you get clear on whether you want to pursue becoming a practitioner, use what you’ve learned for self-healing, or add some sound work to an existing practice. Sound is an integral part of the healing power of shamanic practices, and is used extensively today in scientific research, as well as in integrative medicine and as a tool in pain management. In view of the fast-emerging fields of sound and music in healing, as well as contemporary shamanism, it is increasingly important to understand how sound, music, and chant can support therapeutic and growth processes. Emphasis will be on learning to facilitate private sound healing sessions and a variety of different types of group processes. We’ll explore music from the perspective of both creators and active listeners, and learn what kinds of music works well in different situations, from healing sessions to better productivity, to studying for tests, or reducing stress and anxiety.
Indeed, certain sounds are considered a tonic for the brain, and they are used frequently in the treatment of chronic depression and pain.

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