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Shingles is a quite common infectious condition which is found to be more common in elderly people and more common in males. Shingles is also known to be associated to occur in individuals who have a weakened immune system and are exposed to the Varicella virus [2].
Individuals typically only encounter a single episode of Shingles in their lives as the immune system of the body prevents any future onsets of the disease. It is important to seek medical recommendation at the earliest in case the signs and symptoms of Shingles are suspected in an individual. In some rarer cases of Shingles, there is no appearance of any blisters; however, the associated pain with the infection is present. If the early symptoms do not manifest and instead the later symptoms do, shingles may affect other areas of the body such as one side of neck or face or either of the eyes. Shingles may affect different individuals in different ways and the signs and symptoms may vary, as also the severity of the infection. Shingles in pregnancy is quite rare, but there have been cases reported of pregnant women encountering the condition.
However, pregnant women must always take care not to be infected with Shingles if possible.
An early diagnosis of Shingles is required in order to both prevent complications as well as to enable a speedy healing and recovery time.
The diagnosis of Shingles is typically done through an external examination as medical professionals are well-aware of what the symptoms of Shingles look like.
Additional testing of the culture is also carried out in order to determine if there are any chances of complications due to Shingles. The diagnosis of Shingles is carried out by different types of medical professionals as per the different case of the condition [4]. Eye problems are also a common complication that is associated with the Shingles infection. Another complication that is associated with Shingles is the case in which the nerves in the brain get infected.

Complications associated with Shingles are much more common in cases in which the sufferer has had blisters over the neck, face or around the eyes.
While Shingles by itself is not considered to be a life threatening condition, the complications can prove to be quite severe. Herpes zoster, also known as shingles is a highly contagious disease attributable to the reactivation of the dormant human herpes virus type 3 virus situated in the dorsal nerve root ganglion of the spinal nerves. In early stages, there is a tingling, itching, lightning bolt sensation followed by pain on one side of the body.
Disclaimer :All the Pictures on this Website are the properties of their respective owners and may not be copied or used to any other purposes without their written permission. Shingles symptoms – webmd, When the virus that causes chickenpox reactivates, it causes shingles. Shingles -topic overview – webmd, Learn about shingles (herpes zoster), a painful, contagious rash caused by the chickenpox virus (varicella-zoster). Shingles is also called as Herpes Zoster in which the virus infects a nerve area and thus causes rash and pain along the area of skin supplied by the nerve which is affected.
However, in cases of individuals with a weakened immune system, Shingles may be experienced more than once in the lifetime.
An early diagnosis of the infection may lead to a faster recovery and the chances of complications occurring are also averted. In case children are exposed to the Varicella Zoster, the chance of developing chickenpox rather than Shingles is much higher. The women who develop shingles in pregnancy have the same symptoms as those of adults but they face lesser chances of developing any complications.
Not only will the condition be difficult to manage, but there may also be complications associated with the baby’s health in case Shingles is experienced during pregnancy.
While this may not always be possible, individuals who are suspected to be at risk or those who exhibit signs and symptoms of what is suspected to be Shingles should go for a diagnostic procedure. However, it is always important to consider the medical history as also the family medical history, as well as to check for other underlying medical conditions before confirming the diagnosis of Shingles.

In such cases, individuals go on to develop the Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, a disease which is characterized by pain in the ears, dizziness, loss in hearing, episodes of vertigo, appearance of rashes around the ears, a loss in the taste palette, weakening of the face muscles and also a feeling of tinnitus.
Shingles symptoms usually subside within 2 weeks to 6 weeks from the first appearance of symptoms. In such cases, the individual goes on to exhibit the signs and symptoms of the disease known as Shingles. Even in such cases, it is quite rare for individuals to experience more than three episodes of Shingles in a lifetime. Shingles is also a highly contagious disease and as such, sufferers will need to take care so as to not infect other people around them. If the virus is found to be present, the blisters have been caused due to an infection of Shingles. As such, if these typical symptoms of Shingles manifest themselves, proper medical attention must be provided at the earliest. After viral reactivation, the chicken pox virus travels down the sensory nerve into the skin to cause shingles. Secondly, during the eruptive stage, the swelling does appear on the palm followed by blisters. In a client with a history of chickenpox, shingles can occur at some immunocompromised situations. Fortunately, this condition is quite rare and it occurs only in one out of five patients who suffer from Shingles. In the early stage of the disease, antiviral drugs may be combined with a strong corticosteroid to speed up healing and diminish the extent of pain.

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