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School of alternative medicine in nigeria, how do you get rid of herpes sores - Within Minutes

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PRIMARY and secondary schools nationwide will soon commence teaching of Natural Medicine in order to give pupils and students a head start in the knowledge and efficacy of natural medicine. This was disclosed by the Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC), Professor Godswill Obioma at the opening session of the planning and writing workshop for Natural Medicine Curriculum which held recently in Lagos for a week. According to him, issues in Natural Medicine that are pertinent to the lives of school children will be adequately infused into the curriculum, adding that the curriculum’s contents will be adequate in terms of coverage. The NERDC boss, who will be completing his second and last term in office next year, said that the development of the curriculum on Natural Medicine will bring to limelight the contribution of natural medicine to national healthcare delivery services as well as showcase the complementary role which natural medicine plays with western medicine, explaining that the knowledge about the efficacy of natural medicine has been part of the African culture before the re-orientation towards orthodox medicine.

Obioma revealed that the on-going development of the Natural Medicine Curriculum is in tandem with the current commitment of the Federal Government, to the promotion of Natural Medicine in the country. According to him, the Senate in April this year passed a bill backing the moribund Federal College of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Abuja, adding that the Senate last month also commenced deliberations on a bill to establish the Complementary and Alternative Medical Council of Nigeria for regulating the practice of Natural Medicine. Experts in natural medicine and specialists in curriculum from across the country participated at the week-long planning and writing workshop.
It was however, disclosed at the meeting that the fund for the development of the Natural Medicine Curriculum was provided by Osun State Governor, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola.

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