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However, with the sudden change in the way we pay for medical care, many people are looking for alternative ways to treat minor ailments on their own. Some of these jobs include working as an aromatherapy consultant, owning your own business, direct sales, or becoming an aromatherapy writer or blogger. With the recent arrival of healthcare information management jobs, the Philippine government now encourages newly licensed and unemployed nurses to fill these alternative careers instead of waiting for job opportunities in medical facilities.
Huge career opportunities for nursing graduates and allied medical professionals are now available, and it looks like clinical jobs are not the only career options Filipino nurses can take.

Medical sales representatives, also known as med reps, handle the sales accounts of various medical and pharmaceutical companies.
While the above-mentioned alternative careers are not clinical, they do require the experience of medical professionals.
Below are some of the alternative careers available for both registered nurses and fresh nursing graduates.
Med reps are tasked to reach out to different businesses to sell prescription medicine or medical equipment.

As a sales agent with a medical background, you can receive better compensation with sales commission.

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