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At Waves of Life we use Reiki energy healing to assist the body's own natural healing system to bring about energy balance and harmony. If you need a Reiki Healer in San Diego, CA, UniverSoul Connection should be your first and only choice.
Reiki healing uses universal Life Force Energy to bring harmony and balance to the body and spirit.
Reiki healing is about treating the whole self, not just the individual aches, pains, or diseases of the body.

While great on its own, Reiki healing is enhanced through the use of UniverSoul Connection’s Akashic Records services. A certified healer from UniverSoul Connection will use the healing power of life energy to fight illness and improve relaxation. Blocks and restrictions on your Akashic Record can prevent you from fully absorbing Reiki energy. Even practitioners of conventional Western medicine are taking notice; doctors and hospitals have begun to recommend that their patients use Reiki healing as a powerful, safe, natural medical alternative.

Reiki healing from UniverSoul Connection treats the body, spirit, and mind, bringing the three into balance and helping the body to heal itself without the use of artificial, potentially harmful pharmaceutical agents. With years of experience and training, your healer will create a flow of warm, radiant energy that will promote stress reduction and relaxation.

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