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Reflexology charts, home remedies for sore throat - For You

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These charts make ideal gifts for anyone studying Reflexology, either on courses or at college.The perfect Reflexology study aid at your fingertips. These charts are the result of hours of study, years of practical reflexology work, self help trials, and successful results of treatments on myself and my patients. Charts can be purchased separately from the buttons above, but they can be also purchased as a bundle, either all colour or all black-and-white.

Use Reflexology to reduce your illness and disease symptoms FAST, naturally and without extra medication! These charts are designed for repeated use in study and practical applications, such as educating your client, or for class discussion, and are printed on A4 size 160g card before being laminated. Dear Phil, it wasn't until I studied your reflexology charts I noticed they had more detail in them than the course I was on.

Dear Mr Chave, I was going to buy the cheaper reflexology sheets on the internet because of the cost, but my dad said I should buy yours instead and I'm glad I did.

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