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Ramsay hunt syndrome best natural treatment, herpes medication dosage - For Begninners

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Ramsay Hunt syndrome (also known as herpes zoster oticus) arises when the facial nerve is affected by the shingles infection near one ear. Early Ramsay Hunt syndrome treatment is required to reduce the risk of complications, which include permanent weakness of facial muscle, as well as deafness. If a person had chickenpox previously, there are more chances to develop Ramsay Hunt syndrome.

However, the Doctor is frequently able to recognize Ramsay Hunt syndrome based on their medical account, a physical test and the distinctive signs and symptoms of the disorder. Along with the hurting shingles rash, the Ramsay Hunt syndrome can also result in the facial paralysis as well as hearing capacity is also affected. Ramsay Hunt syndrome usually causes erratic degrees of one side hearing loss and facial paralysis.

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