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Prostate cancer and alternative medicine, integrative medicine doctors near me - For Begninners

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In the world of health and nutrition, the information changes fast, often as result of the most recently available study. Bayer’s top selling children’s multivitamin is filled with toxic ingredients like aspartame, GMOs, and chemicals! FDA moves forward with approving GE salmon and Frankenfish might end up in your dinner plate as early as 2014.
This journal is a member of and subscribes to the principles of the Committee on Publication Ethics. Peter’s prostate specific antigen test (PSA) was a frightening 71.4— that’s 17 TIMES HIGHER than normal! One doctor told Peter they could “cut off his testicles” to try and stop the cancer from growing so quickly.
Peter found a little-known ALL-NATURAL “STEALTH” THERAPY that mounts a sneak attack against prostate cancer cells.
In other words, prostate tumors fall apart without any toxic side effects—you keep your prostate and your manhood! If he had listened to his conventional doctors, Peter would have lost his testicles and probably would have died a slow and painful death anyway — within a matter of months!
And the men who do survive often lose their sex drive—or experience permanent impotence— and need adult diapers to control bladder and bowel “leaks” from organ and muscle damage. When it comes to alternative cancer treatments, your doctor’s like a horse with blinders on.
You see, conventional doctors are BANNED from using alternative cancer treatments by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Believe it or not, there’s a long history of FDA scientists on drug company payrolls as “consultants.” Yes, the EXACT SAME scientists who bury effective alternative cancer treatments like Peter’s “stealth” therapy are being paid by drug companies.
Unfortunately, if your doctor used “stealth” therapy to treat prostate cancer, he could lose his medical license. That’s the reason you also won’t hear about the breast cancer breakthrough that beats breast tumors better than radiation, chemotherapy and surgery in clinical study.
Imagine an all-natural breakthrough that actually “gobbles up” breast cancer cells like Pac Man.
An Austrian doctor who specializes in treating breast cancer studied women who used this cancer-gobbling compound and compared their results with women who underwent surgery, radiation or chemotherapy for stage I and stage II breast cancers. And the hidden “Pac Man” breakthrough is even saving women from late-stage breast cancer. When Fran was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1985 she did what most cancer patients do, she listened to her doctors. When the doctors recommended radiation, she agreed whole-heartedly and received 5100 rads.
When doctors wanted to perform a mastectomy (breast removal surgery), Fran bravely consented to the operation and lost her right breast. When doctors discovered the cancer had infiltrated her lymph nodes, Fran said ‘yes’ to aggressive chemotherapy. She endured the pain, the horrible bouts of nausea and vomiting and the loss of all her hair. After Fran began taking this overlooked cancer-gobbling compound she prepared herself for another round of treatment and horrible side effects. Amy’s doctors said she would die of fast-moving breast cancer without a complete mastectomy, followed by radiation and then a course of intensive chemotherapy. But Amy turned down ALL those treatments -- and something very different happened: an incredible sixteen years later Amy’s still alive and she’s still got both her breasts! Alternative cancer treatment isn’t “one size fits all.” Some treatments work better for some cancers than others. But remember, your doctor won’t tell you which alternative therapy is working best for breast or prostate cancer.
With over a hundred different alternative approaches to curing cancer you can find yourself suffering information overload!
That’s why I urgently want to tell you about Beat Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer WITHOUT Surgery, Chemo, or Radiation: A Guide to the Best Alternative Treatments. This brand new Special Report gives you the 9 leading-edge alternative treatments that are incredibly effective at healing breast or prostate cancers WITHOUT the terrible side effects of toxic radiation, poisonous chemotherapy or drastic surgery. It may surprise you to know that precious few alternative breakthroughs are designed especially to kill tumors in the prostate or breasts. Plus you’ll get the contact information and details of 7 more incredible yet buried treatments that are effectively slowing, stopping even CURING breast and prostate cancer without life-changing side effects.
You’ll see how quickly and easily these amazing alternatives are wiping out breast tumors and prostate tumors.
After receiving a small dose of lidocaine to numb the area around her breast tumor, Charmagne sat on an exam table and watched as the precision laser killed the tumor without harming any healthy breast tissue. Even more amazing, this incredible laser treatment is helping women with breast cancer almost weekly. Plus, the Special Report Beat Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer WITHOUT Surgery, Chemo, or Radiation gives you all of the information you need to get this laser treatment including the clinic’s address and phone number. Then, this remarkable new report will tell you how you can successfully beat prostate cancer with what’s probably the safest hidden alternative cancer treatment on the planet. The eating plan that the “crazy” hitch-hikers recommended has actually been successfully curing cancer since the 1920s when it was discovered by a Japanese philosopher.
But most important, modern science proves this simple way of eating works especially well against prostate cancer—stopping the cancer in its tracks. Tragically, men with advanced prostate cancer often don’t survive a few months, much less another decade. Beat Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer WITHOUT Surgery, Chemo, or Radiation tells you all about this healthy and surprisingly easy Japanese secret for prostate cancer. You’re probably starting to see how certain hidden alternative breakthroughs—from the simple to the leading-edge—are healing breast and prostate cancer treatment with astonishing effectiveness and safety! But the hidden breakthroughs you’ve just discovered are only the beginning of the incredible alternatives in this new report that can help cure early or advanced stage cancer while keeping your breasts or your prostate intact. Shirley’s shouting “I’ve still got both my breasts!” Doctors said she’d be dead in six months if they didn’t cut off her cancerous breast. A famous television action star cured his prostate cancer on his own—he’s been cancer free for over 30 years! Charlie’s “terminal” prostate cancer disappeared in six months without a single conventional treatment. An amazing liquid killed nearly 100% of cancer cells within 48 hours at the National Cancer Institute. Of course, before you can even have a chance at curing breast or prostate cancer you’ve got to find out if you have it.
And it’s another reason why the information in Beat Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer WITHOUT Surgery, Chemo, or Radiation is so urgent. These conventional diagnostic tests are about as old and outdated—and sometimes as dangerous— as conventional cancer treatments!
Before you get another annual mammogram consider this: Mammograms are not the best way to catch breast cancer early.
In the pages of this incredible new report you’ll learn all about urgent research that shows mammograms are spreading existing breast cancer and even causing brand-new cancers!
A doctor at the Chicago School of Public Health reviewed 47 scientific articles on mammography and made a shocking discovery: radiation from the test itself causes the “promotion of breast cancer.” That’s right, instead of catching breast cancer—mammograms are CAUSING it!
My Special Report Beat Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer WITHOUT Surgery, Chemo, or Radiation gives you complete details.
The PSA test has been such a dismal failure in prostate cancer detection that its inventor, Richard J.

It’s a medical fact that biopsies “spill” cancer cells into the bloodstream, causing these nasty cells to spread like wildfire. You deserve to know the truth about these old, outdated and dangerous diagnostic tests so that you can make educated decisions to protect yourself and your loved ones!
In this brand-new special report you’ll get the latest leading-edge diagnostic tests that can find breast and prostate tumors safely-- EVEN YEARS BEFORE THE TRADITIONAL TESTS YOUR DOCTOR USES!
Find prostate cancer a whopping 19 months before it can be felt, seen or even show up on a PSA test! Detect breast cancer up to 10 YEARS EARLIER than a mammogram—and without any risky radiation! Besides giving you full details of these little-known, high-tech diagnostic tests and the life-saving hidden alternative treatments that are leading the pack in safely curing breast and prostate cancers, Beat Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer WITHOUT Surgery, Chemo, or Radiation goes even further. This special report will also show you how to avoid getting these cancers in the first place.
For example, the American Cancer Society website reveals very little information on cancer prevention. While I’m not slamming the recommendations—they’re mostly on target—we know MUCH MORE about how to successfully prevent breast and prostate cancer and you’re not hearing about it! Medical science’s 8 latest “do-it-yourself” discoveries for preventing breast and prostate cancer! Beat Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer WITHOUT Surgery, Chemo, or Radiation tells you all about this discovery along with 7 more of the latest ways science reveals you can prevent breast and prostate cancer so you don’t become a statistic— even if you’re already at high-risk! Detoxify your body of breast cancer-causing chemicals and pollutants with something as easy as an 18-cent mineral. Slash your risk of breast cancer 25 percent by simply lowering your intake of this mineral-rich food. Block the cancer causing enzyme “aromatase”—the trigger for both breast and prostate cancer.
This marvelous new report gives you immediate help to erase the discomfort of menopause and heal a swollen prostate. I could go on and on about the amazing health secrets you’ll find in Beat Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer WITHOUT Surgery, Chemo, or Radiation. Mastectomy (breast removal) gets an “F”… after reviewing 8,000 cases of breast cancer, researchers reported that women who lost the entire breast were no better off than women who kept most of the breast and only had the tumor removed—this was in the prestigious British medical journal, Lancet! Prostatectomy (prostate removal) gets an “F”… study shows over 60% of cancers come back—even though men no longer have their prostates!
Radiation gets an “F”… radiation increased men’s risk of dying from prostate cancer by 81 percent according to a study at the famed Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health. Chemotherapy gets an “F”… after studying over 23,000 late-stage cancer patients, researchers found not a single man who received chemotherapy was alive five years later. Even more shocking, there’s a good reason WHY these conventional treatments are failing to cure our breast and prostate cancers! Believe it or not, each of these treatments dramatically reduces the ability of your immune system to fight cancer. You’ll get 9 leading-edge alternatives that can slow, stop even CURE breast or prostate cancer safely! This is your opportunity to discover the urgent truth about how to treat breast or prostate cancer—in any stage—using hidden alternatives that harness the power of your immune system and quietly and safely heal these cancers.
In this extraordinary report you’ll discover the leading-edge alternatives that are safely slowing, stopping and CURING breast and prostate cancers for many people with early, advanced and sometimes even “hopeless” and “terminal” cancers! The hidden breakthrough that gobbles up breast tumors like Pac Man… it saved 25% MORE LIVES than surgery, radiation and chemotherapy in a clinical study.
The brand-new sound treatment that’s “melting away” early prostate tumors… it’s effective in 9 out of 10 men, according to independent research. But you don’t have to take my word for it, check out Beat Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer WITHOUT Surgery, Chemo, or Radiation for yourself—Risk-Free! I invite you to examine Beat Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer WITHOUT Surgery, Chemo, or Radiation absolutely risk-free and discover these ignored, overlooked and all-too-often buried life-saving solutions for yourself. In this brand-new Special Report you’ll find everything you need to know about the leading ways to prevent, diagnose and cure breast and prostate cancer. If – God forbid -- you or a loved one ever receive a diagnosis of breast or prostate cancer, you’ll be ready to spring into action with an effective solution—right away! When you order your print or downloadable PDF copy of Beat Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer WITHOUT Surgery, Chemo, or Radiation today you’ll ALSO get 4 BONUS REPORTS that will help make any breast or prostate cancer diagnosis you ever receive a lot less scary. How to test the effectiveness of an alternative therapy against your tumor BEFORE you try it! Then you’ll get BONUS REPORT #3: The Surprising Cause of Male Plumbing Problems where you’ll discover the real reason why so many men suffer from urinary urgency and frequency. Why problem digestion can be a warning sign of urinary trouble on the horizon and what you can do about it!
And that’s not all, you’ll also receive BONUS REPORT #4: Doctor Blooper: How Doctors Mistake Deadly Breast Cancer for A Simple Infection! Almost all primary care doctors miss the very first symptom of this aggressive breast cancer—and how you can catch it every single time! The best “breast test” to discover invasive breast cancer isn’t a mammogram, but it’s just as easy to get! Cases of this aggressive breast cancer are on the rise— the shocking reason why -- and how you can protect yourself!
While a diagnosis for you or a loved one will certainly be upsetting, effective cancer treatment shouldn’t cause any needless worry or suffering!
This remarkable report tells you everything you need to know about the leading-edge alternatives that are incredibly effective at treating and even curing breast or prostate cancer without the suffering or the side effects of toxic drugs and surgery. Order this Special Report today and see for yourself how simple, safe and successful breast and prostate cancer treatment can be. And even then, the doctor admitted, Peter would most likely “die anyway.” Peter refused, but he certainly didn’t give up.
Sadly, that’s exactly what’s happening to 28,000 American men who die every year from prostate cancer.
But instead of feeling nauseous and sick the way she did with chemo, Fran felt surprisingly well! But here’s the most important thing you need to know: The incredible cancer-gobbling compound may be virtually unknown, but it’s available to any woman who needs it. In other words, a treatment that works like gangbusters against stomach cancer may not work as well against breast cancer.
And they often speak of spending 50 to 100 hours on the Internet looking for a hidden alternative to cure their specific cancer. When you or a loved one has just received a diagnosis of breast or prostate cancer you don’t have time to waste. Women are keeping their breasts and men are keeping their prostates and their sex drive… the only thing they’re losing is their cancer! After all, she had stage 3 breast cancer and according to them, her breast couldn’t be saved. Independent tests verified that both of Charmagne’s breasts were clear of cancer and so were her lymph nodes. The physicist who discovered it now runs a clinic where you can get help for yourself or for any of your loved ones diagnosed with breast cancer. He had a type of cancer that turned out to be so fast moving it had already seeped into Tony’s spine, his chest and his skull! And remember, he never had surgery, a single dose of radiation or chemotherapy for his cancer—doctors thought he was too far gone to even bother!
There are many documented recoveries from cancer from around the world, yet it remains virtually unknown.

So Tulane University researchers were shocked to discover that advanced prostate cancer patients who followed this eating plan survived an incredible 19 years—nearly two decades —compared to only 6 years for men who didn’t follow the eating plan. This alternative therapy is so powerful, it led a conventional oncologist to declare “CANCER IS EASILY CURABLE.” You can find it in any natural food store. It’s the reason why your doctor recommends an annual mammogram for women and an annual PSA test for men.
Many say the panel’s decision was made to cut costs and not because of scientists’ claims that the test saves too few lives and puts scores of women through needless biopsy. A study by the John Wayne Cancer Institute reported that biopsies spread breast cancer in ONE OUT OF TWO WOMEN! I’ll give you the life-saving information in Beat Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer WITHOUT Surgery, Chemo, or Radiation.
This high-tech test is so much better than a traditional PET scan for identifying whether your tumor is confined to the prostate or not. This advanced test analyzes what makes up a tissue mass so you can see right away and without question if it’s cancerous or normal. It’s vital protection for yourself and your loved ones against the growing breast and prostate cancer epidemic. Click on “breast cancer” or “prostate cancer” and it’s mostly about conventional treatment options—or tests to show you’ve already got it!
Surprising new research shows that something doctors believe causes prostate cancer actually prevents it! It’s not relaxation that boosts your prostate health, but something else that’s just as enjoyable. Watch out: You might THINK it’s healthy for you to eat every day, but this particular mineral is now proven to fuel breast cancer development, growth and metastasis! Praised by Disease Prevention and Treatment, this simple nutrient has been shown to LOWER PSA BY UP TO 20 PERCENT!
Hailed by the International Conference on Diet and Prevention of Cancer, this fruity supplement slowed the growth of cancer cells in men with diagnosed prostate cancer!
It’s just another way that Beat Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer WITHOUT Surgery, Chemo, or Radiation helps you improve the health of your prostate, your breasts—your entire body! Shown in a double-blind placebo controlled clinical study to REDUCE PROSTATITIS INFLAMMATION BY TWO-THIRDS!
The Journal of the National Cancer Institute reported that men who underwent prostate surgery survived their prostate cancers at only a 23 percent higher rate than men who did nothing.
Meanwhile, a separate study showed radiation caused 84 percent of breast cancer patients to develop new cancers in their breasts or lungs. While after five years only two out of 100 late-stage breast cancer patients were still alive.
In other words, conventional treatments REDUCE your chances of “curing” cancer now or in the future.
And you have plenty of time to check out your new report through this risk-free offer because I’m guaranteeing you a full refund for 365 days—that’s ONE FULL YEAR—if you’re not satisfied! How to double chemo’s effectiveness and REDUCE SIDE EFFECTS like nausea and vomiting by almost half! Plus, its shocking link to something men do every single day— change this one thing and watch urinary problems vanish! Inside this urgent report you’ll discover how doctors across the country are mistaking the most aggressive form of breast cancer for a non-life threatening infection! But with the growing epidemic, the chances are very good that breast or prostate cancer will touch your life in one way or another. And it won’t, when you’ve got your personal copy of Beat Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer WITHOUT Surgery, Chemo, or Radiation. So you can keep your breasts, keep your prostate, keep enjoying your life and lose only your cancer! Many of these incredible leading-edge alternative treatments can also be used with conventional cancer treatment—you don’t have to pick one or the other. They soak up potent natural cancer killers and are quickly and safely annihilated from the inside out! Peter still had his prostate, his testicles and his sex drive —it was his “hopeless” prostate cancer that had vanished. But you still won’t hear about this treatment even though a clinical study proves this doctor’s discovery is far more effective than conventional breast cancer treatment! My name is Lee Euler and I’m the head of Cancer Defeated, America’s leading publisher of information about alternative cancer treatments.
Or a treatment that’s curing advanced brain cancer may not be as powerful against advanced prostate cancer.
When it comes to finding the best treatment for your breast or prostate cancer, you’re on your own.
Ironically, the same laser light that could KILL our nation’s enemies could also SAVE our women from breast cancer with surprising ease and comfort! Best of all, unlike ordinary lasers used for Lasik eye surgery and other procedures, this treatment doesn’t cut.
So you can imagine Tony’s astonishment when he picked up a couple of hitch-hikers along the road and they told him that they could make the cancer go away with nothing more complicated than food. Discover where American men “in the know” are going to get it and you can too, in Chapter 17. And after hearing his amazing story, one cancer expert wrote “if he had listened to the doctors, he would have died many years ago as a sexless eunuch in diapers, without testicles.” How you can get this same easy treatment— in Chapter 14. And it’s clinically proven to catch 36 PERCENT MORE breast tumors than mammograms, yet it costs the same.
In fact, one prostate cancer expert calls it “The Ultimate Prostate Scan.” It’s non-invasive and is readily available around the nation—but you’ve got to know where to go and what to ask for! In one study, this test successfully identified every single cancer—THAT’S A 100 PERCENT SUCCESS RATE! And their advice about prevention only tells you what you’ve already known for years: Stop smoking, get regular exercise, cut back on fat and eat five servings of fruit and vegetables a day. Plus, discover 14 more vitamins, minerals and natural compounds that have been shown to prevent or slow prostate cancer in research studies! But what’s even scarier than these cancers is the LITTLE-KNOWN SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH that proves conventional treatments are not only loaded with side effects, they don’t even cure breast and prostate cancers!
I’ll tell you all about the astonishing research in my Special Report Beat Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer WITHOUT Surgery, Chemo, or Radiation. In fact, the buried “second immune system” breakthrough can boost chemotherapy’s effectiveness, making cancer cells up to 10 times more vulnerable to chemo drugs! Two years later Peter is as healthy and strong as an ox, his PSA is still a stable 00.1 plus he has no ill-effects from the natural therapy.
I’ve had the good fortune to find and tell the public about some of the world’s most powerful, leading-edge alternatives for not just safely treating, but safely CURING cancer. What’s worse, statistics show breast and prostate cancer may soon KILL MORE AMERICANS THAN ANY OTHER CANCER! The results were astonishing: No sign of cancer in his skull, his sternum, his spine, his prostate or ANYWHERE IN HIS BODY!
Men with the highest levels of this growth factor suffer prostate cancer growth and metastasis FIVE TIMES more often than those with a low level. Studies show men with higher levels had healthier prostates—they even went to the bathroom less!

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