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Naturopathic remedies, herbs and supplements for the liver - Review

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Naturopathy is a system of medicine which attempts to awaken and nurture the potential for health in a person rather than treating a disease or illness.
Modern Naturopathy grew out of various traditions, including European Hydrotherapy, Nature cure, Natural hygiene, Anglo-American Herbalism, Osteopathic medicine and the North American Eclectic Physicians.
Naturopaths look for 'impediments to health' by considering the totality of structure, function and behaviour using as their blueprint the Naturopathic Triad. Thus the triad gives the Naturopath a schematic diagram of the neuro-endocrine-immune system, within which he can begin to evaluate a working hypothesis of where possible impediments may be, what they may be and how best to help the person remove them, and access healing. The main tool a Naturopath will use to elicit the information required is a comprehensive and detailed case history, along with a structural and postural assessment and careful observation of the patient.
The cornerstones of a Naturopathic lifestyle are common sense – in order to be well we require good food (but not too much of it), Rest, Relaxation, Sleep, Fresh Air, Sunlight, Laughter, A Non-Sedentary Daily Pattern, A Purposeful Existence with challenges that can be met without undue distress, Mental Stimulation (but not too much) and To Love and Be Loved. For both Naturopathic practitioners and their patients the main quality required is indeed patience, as health which is often lost slowly over many decades cannot necessarily be quickly recovered. Naturopaths will usually combine dietary and lifestyle suggestions with bodywork treatments and hydrotherapy. As a practising Reflexologist and life-long follower of Naturopathy I confirm that I and my patients can find no dedicated Naturopathic places where we can retreat to for a week, which offer a programme of revitalizing and caring treatments and a vegetarian diet in the style of the old school Naturopathic Centres. Tyringham was another residential Naturopathic clinic which operated in Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire from 1963-2000. Naturopathy is the umbrella term used to depict several alternative medicine theories focusing on natural remedies and preventive measures. Hippocrates, the ancient Greek “Father of Medicine” is considered by many practitioners as the father of naturopathic medicine. In the United States, naturopathy was introduced by Benedict Lust who was the one to trademark the term “naturopathy,” after purchasing it from Scheel.

Today naturopathy has become a widely accepted discipline subscribed to in all parts of the world. The practice of naturopathy also depends on the level of acceptance and regulation in a certain sovereignty. However, the practice of naturopathy has also experienced its own downtime in mid-20th century when the advent of penicillin and other synthetic drugs became popular. A session with a naturopath may include homeopathy, naturopathic treatment, nutrition and herbal remedies. Naturopaths, dedicated to complete careA Naturopath is a qualified health practitioner who will work with you to overcome specific problems and promote long term wellness. If someone is feeling chronically unwell, has unpleasant symptoms or is diagnosed with a disease process of some kind, then from a Naturopathic viewpoint there must be an impediment to healing which is preventing the person from returning to health or unleashing the potential for health. In fact, schools for naturopathic medicine are now being established in the United States and Canada. When Lust came to the United States in 1901, he established the American School of Naturopathy in New York. This growth in the realms of modern pharmaceutical medicine has somewhat afflicted the humble beginnings of naturopathy.
Back in 1968, the United States Department of Health, Education, and Welfare released a report stating that naturopathy is not to be misconstrued as medical science and that naturopathy education does not suffice for practitioners to apply proper diagnosis and treatment on patients. The advent of holistic health movement and Eastern new age thought in the 1970s revived naturopathy’s original glory as a better alternative to modern medicine. Relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, flower essences and homeopathic remedies may be recommended. The level of education among naturopaths varies per training program attended as well as per country.

The same report recommends that the Medicare coverage on naturopathic treatment should be halted.
Some Naturopaths are also trained as Osteopaths, Medical Herbalists, Homeopaths, Acupuncturists, Aromatherapists, Reflexologists, etc., and will utilize their major modality in a Naturopathic context. The treatment methodologies encompassed by naturopathy receive varying acceptance in the medical community. In North America, the completion of a four-year program on naturopathy entitles one to a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) designation. Such early acceptance led 25 US states to legislate laws on licensing naturopathic and drugless practitioners in their area.
As an alternative, they endorse the therapeutic claims of naturopathy to patients and health conscious people all over the world. Naturopathy is primarily a Philosophy of healing and any natural therapeutic can be incorporated if it is deemed appropriate, provided the patient is supported with a Cohesive, Integrated Treatment Plan rather than a bit of this and a bit of that! Through her parents, she knew Sydney Rose-Neil and was involved in Naturopathy and the birth of the Naturopathic Clinic at Tyringham. These programs will prepare future naturopaths on the study of basic medical sciences and natural remedies and care. So you can take that next step to accurately determine how your body is functioning on the inside our Naturopaths offer inexpensive health testing. She practises Reflexology, runs an area group for other therapists and because there is no suitable residential premises for her patients, she is at present running an annual Naturopathic Week at Brecon in Wales.

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