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I do not believe autism is a genetic brain disorder, although this is what most of the medical community believes.
If you bring up the autism-vaccine correlation, many people will stop you in mid-sentence and tell you there are studies that prove that correlation to be false and the case is closed. The current recommended (and in many states forced) number of vaccinations given to children is a total of 40 by the age of 18. Sams parents were told by the doctor that diagnosed him with autism that nothing could be done about his condition except behavioral and occupational therapy techniques.
Thanks so much for your countless hours of research and getting the word out there, all us parents appreciate so much. Solarstrips can do the job an all natural nutrient that the body needs packed with vitamines to feroz our body and promotes brain functioning. I would like more information about solar strips and how long they take to show any change in a person, I would like to know if they are any known side effects and especially for a child under 5 years old. I totally agree with the thoughts about the vaccines, my oldest son is 20 this month , he has add and ADHD, our middle son 18 has moderate autism and our daughter has add and ADHD. More research is needed, but evidence so far indicates that some children may benefit from DMSA chelation therapy for autism. More and more autism researchers are concluding that autism may result from a combination of genetic susceptibility and exposure to environmental toxins, such as heavy metals, at critical periods during brain development.
Treatment for heavy metal toxicity involves removing the metals from the body with chelation therapy.
Chelation has its origin in the Greek word chele, meaning claw of a lobster, and thus depicting the concept of clinging or holding with a strong grip.[1] Chelating agents are compounds capable of binding metals to form complex ring-like structures.
The use of chelating agents is accepted in mainstream medicine for the treatment of acute metal poisonings but is not well-accepted or widely used for lower-dose, more chronic exposures.
A handful of studies so far have examined whether oral DMSA chelation improves behavior in children within the autism spectrum. Children with high excretion of toxic metals (arbitrarily defined as above the laboratory’s reference range, defined as the top 95% for typical children who are not undergoing chelation therapy) were allowed to continue on to phase 2. Urine metal levels were measured after the second 3-day round of DMSA and again at the end of the last round.[3] For five participants, urinary excretion of toxic metals had decreased below the cut-off after completing two rounds of DMSA therapy in phase two and therefore they did not continue with the rest of Phase 2. Autism severity was assessed by certified evaluators and parents before phase 1 and before and after phase 2 using five different standardized assessment tools.[4] Surprisingly, results from three of the five assessment scales showed that one round of DMSA chelation therapy had nearly the same benefit as seven rounds. The latest study to be published examining whether DMSA benefits children with autism looked at 44 Saudi Arabian children with autistic spectrum disorder between the ages of three and nine.[5] In this study, which unfortunately had no control group, heavy metal levels were measured in urine and then a DMSA challenge test was performed to compare heavy metal levels before and after a standard dose of DMSA.
As expected, the DMSA challenge test increased the urine metal output for a number of potentially toxic metals, especially lead, mercury, and cadmium, all of which increased from baseline by a statistically significant amount, which the investigators interpreted as indicating a high burden of these metals stored in the children’s tissues.
The researchers concluded that DMSA chelation therapy for autism increases the excretion of toxic metals and has a beneficial effect on autism symptoms.
Recently, a large team of researchers lead by Tonya Davis, PhD, Assistant Professor of Education Psychology at Baylor University in Texas, conducted a systematic literature review of studies that have evaluated the effects of chelation on autism.[4] They found and analyzed a total of five studies, four of which reportedly found mixed results and one of which reported positive results. Another recent review of studies, just published in 2014, investigated all kinds of research to-date on the potential associations between environmental toxins and autism.[7] Their review included 40 studies reporting measurements of heavy metals in children with autism compared with control children and concluded that the cause of autism may involve, at least in a subset of children, complex interactions between certain environmental toxins and genes.
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Although there are a number of proven behavioral, educational, and psychological treatments for autism, it's common for concerned parents to look into alternative therapies that promise dramatic improvement or even a cure.
Even though no one is certain about the cause of ASD, there are numerous theories, ranging from vaccinations and mercury exposure to a supposed link between Celiac disease and autism. Based on the idea that autism is a reaction to certain proteins in foods like wheat and milk, or a response to the lack of certain vitamins and minerals, the diet for autistic children recommends removing all gluten and casein from a child's food intake for three months. The concept behind herbal remedies as an autism treatment is that they provide a natural alternative to prescription medications.
Chelation therapy is based on the idea that autism is caused by heavy metals, and that autistic children's bodies are less adept at removing these harmful metals from the blood.
Weighted vests, weighted blankets, and a number of other autism therapy products offer deep pressure that may satisfy a sensory need in children with autism spectrum disorders.
According to a study in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, prayer and meditation were among the most popular alternative treatments reported by parents of children on the spectrum. It's very important to keep in mind that prayer and meditation should be a supplementary therapy for autism, not a primary treatment. Hypnosis for autism is designed to treat the underlying anxiety that often accompanies the disorder. Neurofeedback for autism spectrum disorders involves teaching a child to control his brain waves. If you're interested in trying one of these alternative treatments, consult your doctor for advice. Although there isn't much that autism researchers agree on, one point of consensus is the importance of early intervention. Chelation therapy for autism is practiced worldwide despite mainstream medicine’s assertion that there is no credible scientific evidence to support it. The first major study, published in 2009 in BMC Pharmacology and Toxicology, found some improvement in autism symptoms.[3,4] This study involved two phases. In phase two 49 participants were randomly assigned to receive six additional three-day rounds of either DMSA or placebo with 11 days in-between, for a grand total of seven rounds.
For the rest of the participants, the increased excretion of lead persisted throughout the entire study, and mercury excretion also generally continued with some fluctuations. After the six month treatment period, results showed that typical autism behavioral symptoms were reduced with DMSA chelation therapy.
There were significant problems with the methodology of all the studies, according to the researchers, and therefore they concluded that the research does not support the use of chelation as a treatment for autism. Results from larger and higher quality trials will help further clarify whether chelation therapy for autism is truly a safe and valuable treatment for diminishing symptoms.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as many as one third of parents have tried alternative treatments for autism. Typically, these remedies attempt to treat various components of the disorder, rather than the underlying condition. Prior to 2008, the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) was planning to study the safety of chelation therapy. The idea behind this treatment is that injections of a hormone called secretin, which is involved in the digestive process, may help children with autism improve their eye gaze, behavior, and interaction.

According to a review of the literature published in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, a large number of studies found that these deep pressure devices calmed children and helped them focus.
A review of the literature in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry found that there were not enough scientifically sound studies about massage therapy and autism to make a judgment about its effectiveness. Aside from the direct dangers of chelation therapy or unwanted side effects of other treatments, this is a secondary, very serious danger to consider when choosing unproven alternative treatments for autism. Dig further into the conflicts of interest and the criteria for how the studies were ranked to see for yourself just how much of a cover they were. Because you won’t cure autism with the help of the conventional medical community that provokes it, denies it and covers up the correlations. My son who is now 16 was vaccinated, my daughter who is 13 was not vaccinated, there both autistic.
One specific type of treatment, DMSA chelation therapy, is the most commonly used chelation therapy for children with autism because it is considered gentler and safer than other chelation therapies and has been researched for this condition.
You’ll get our healthy eating plan, find out why stress is so dangerous and what to do about it, learn how to get quality sleep, and much more! Until then, despite the strong opposition from medical toxicologists, some environmental physicians, integrative MDs, naturopathic physicians, and parents of autistic children will choose to use DMSA chelation therapy based on the available preliminary evidence that chelation may be helpful and safe. While this treatment is approved for diagnosed cases of heavy metal poisoning, it is extremely dangerous as a treatment for autism. However, the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development warns parents this is an off-label, or non-FDA-approved, use of secretin and that the treatment may have side effects for children.
There is no scientific evidence that prayer or mindfulness can treat pervasive developmental disorders like autism, but it is possible that it can help children and parents relax and focus. The study reported that there was no change in the children's autism symptoms but that parents reported that both boys were more relaxed and that they enjoyed the treatment. Similarly, a review of the literature in Cochrane Summaries found that there was not sufficient evidence to make a judgment about the effectiveness of acupuncture in treating autism. Laurie Stephens, Director of the Autism Spectrum Disorders Programs at The Help Group, there is a critical window in children's development between the ages of birth and six years.
Keep in mind that chelation therapy for autism is almost never used as a stand-alone treatment. If you are a parent of a child on the autism spectrum, it's essential that you make educated decisions about the treatments you choose. It's essential that the weight of the device be appropriate for the child's size and age, and you need a professional to help you determine that weight.
Besides heavy metal exposure, other toxic chemical exposure, nutritional inadequacies, metabolic problems, food and chemical sensitivities, and digestive dysfunctions may all be involved in autism and may all need to be addressed for the best possible outcomes. Like many kids with autism, his body had issues creating energy in his cells, or mitochondria.

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