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The naturopathic approach combines traditional lab testing with other types of analysis such as allergy and toxicity testing. Thanks to the Naturopathic Doctor Act, it's now legal for NDs to treat and diagnose most patients, much like a family practitioner would. In June, Colorado's naturopathic doctors will be regulated under the Naturopathic Doctor Act.
For 20 years, a dedicated group of local naturopathic doctors lobbied to have their practice regulated. Acute inflammation is your body’s natural protective response to fight muscle or tissue trauma, or infections, chronic inflammation is a much different story.

Come June, Colorado's naturopathic doctors will be regulated under the Naturopathic Doctor Act, a change that could usher in exciting new healthcare options for residents who appreciate a medical approach conjoining Western knowledge with holistic techniques. Studies have found that various compounds in herbs like basil have been successful in reducing inflammation by blocking the release of cytokines, a naturally produced protein responsible for initiating the inflammatory process. Thus began a small but passionate move back toward alternative practices, including naturopathy.
Today, there are four accredited four-year naturopathic medical programs in the United States, with a fifth school pending accreditation. John Hickenlooper on June 5, 2013 with the purpose of regulating all naturopathic doctors practicing in Colorado.

NDs also bring MDs work since a good chunk of naturopathy must be outsourced pursuant to state laws.

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