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But don't give me a story of how someone's aunt's best friend was told that she had six months to live and was cured by taking a natural supplement found through the Internet and is still alive 10 years later—and then ask me to give the OK to try it. Some cancer patients have the great misfortune of having a cancer that is very advanced or poorly treatable by anything. But I've seen my share of patients with very curable cancers who elected to go the "natural" or the "holistic" or the "alternative" route and then come back to see me with an advanced incurable disease.

My colleague (who is now a world-famous cancer specialist) and I were asked to see her in the emergency department.
The cancer was very advanced and had entirely replaced her left breast and had grown down her chest wall. Because I see patients all the time who are told they have cancer, but when the biopsy is finally done, it's something else.

Let a computer select half of them to get the "natural" regimen and the other half to get standard cancer treatment.

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