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Natural cancer remedies for dogs, holistic healing therapies - Try Out

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Dog breeds with higher than normal cancer rates include beagles, miniature schnauzers, cocker spaniels, rottweilers, poodles, golden retrievers, and German Shepard dogs. Thankfully there are all natural dog cancer remedies that can help your best friend maintain a good quality of life and promote good long term health.
Most dogs are diagnosed in advanced stages of the disease when their chances of survival are quite low.
It is a well known fact that a compromised immune system is the leading cause of cancer in both humans and animals.
Certain breeds of cats and dogs with squashed up noses, like boxers, are more vulnerable to second hand cigarette smoke. Older dogs are particularly at risk for canine cancer due to increased levels of free radicals and weakened immune system. Life Gold helps your dog’s body eliminate toxins naturally and supports vital systems of detoxification. It complies with FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine Guidelines and comes with a 90-day money back guarantee.

Burdock root, one of the main ingredients in Life Gold, is used in oncology for its cancer-curing properties. Red Clover flowering herb has been used for years as an alternative cure for cancer, cardiovascular disease, respiratory dysfunction, and osteoporosis. Packed with quality ingredients, all natural Life Gold is one of the most widely used supplements for canine cancer.
Based in Canada, Pet Wellbeing is the leader in all natural, herbal pet remedies for cats and dogs. So if your doggy has cancer or if you want to start a preventive lifestyle for him, check out Life Gold for dog cancer support today and help your best friend maintain the quality of life he deserves! Return to top of pageCopyright 2011 Dog Cancer Treatment • If your best friend has dog cancer, you want to give him the best quality of life you can give.
Life Gold is a revolutionary product that helps prevent cancer and alleviates its symptoms. From pesticides and pollution to radiation exposure, second-hand smoke, unnecessary vaccinations, certain viruses, and preservatives in food, there are several factors that may cause cancer in dogs.

It seems that dogs and cats face a higher risk of cancer because they interact so closely with the environment. This mushroom has been used in the botanical medicine of the Eastern European countries as a remedy for cancer since the 16th century. This plant causes the body to produce natural killer cells to stop tumor growth and reduce infection.
This product supports a healthy immune system and protects your furry friend from the devastating effects of conventional cancer treatments. All products are made from natural plants and herbs that are extracted for their medical properties. They help the body fight against free radical damage and destroy cancerous cells naturally.

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