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Natural Cancer Cure From Northern India Bill Clinton For Sal .
Natural Cancer Cure From Northern India Bill Clinton Under $ . A century ago, a British doctor stumbled across a remote and isolated tribe at the extreme northern end of India. In the mid-1970s, a researcher at one of America’s leading cancer hospitals repeatedly found that this non-toxic food shrinks tumors in mice. As you may know, when cancer spreads beyond the original tumor, doctors usually say it’s terminal. During this research I also uncovered some shocking facts about the cancer industry’s conspiracy to keep Americans ignorant about natural cures for cancer. I’m eager to give you information that could save you or a loved one from dying an early death from cancer. Instead of getting surgery, I used a natural, inexpensive remedy that I recommend in my book Cancer: Step Outside the Box. In the 1930s, doctors at the University of California at San Francisco started to give human cancer patients the natural cancer remedy I mentioned at the beginning of this letter – the one from the far northern end of India. You might be interested to know that the tobacco industry had earlier paid these same two doctors $50,000 to endorse cigarettes.
You won’t be surprised to find out that one of these doctors later died of lung cancer. In 1975, 48-year-old homemaker Alicia Pratt of Los Angeles suffered from an advanced case of one of the most dreaded cancers: oral pharyngeal cancer. With the support of her husband, she got rid of her cancer and lived in good health until her death in 2001 – 26 years later! I interviewed Jason on January 24, 2009, almost 23 years after being diagnosed with fatal cancer. Believe it or not, the survival rate for cancer patients who undergo chemo and radiation is no better than the survival rate of patients who receive no treatment at all! You probably saw the tragic photos of actor Patrick Swayze as he wasted away from poisonous chemo treatments. Somers went on to say that Swayze died not from his pancreatic cancer but instead from chemotherapy. Whether you have cancer or not, if you have pain you might try this non-toxic remedy, even if you’ve tried just about everything else.
A couple of years ago Frank Woll went to his doctor for some blood work, and got a grim surprise: he found out he had cancer. JFK’s personal physician cured his own cancer with a natural cure that you can easily make on your stove. The alternative doctor with the 93 percent cure rate, based on his 32,507 cancer patients! The mineral that disrupts the cancer cells’ fermentation process, starving them to death. Almost a century years ago a scientist named Otto Warburg won 2 Nobel Peace prizes for determining the cause of cancer. To a small group of terminal cancer patients, the discovery of a naturally occurring alkaline vitamin, was a ray of hope.
One of the most blatant, bold-faced cover-ups in medical history is occurring today in the treatment of cancer in the U.S. Did you know that the true 5-year cure rate of conventional cancer treatments is less than 3% (actually, about 2.1%). The McGill Cancer Center in Montreal, Quebec, one of the largest and most prestigious cancer treatment centers in the world, did a study of oncologists to determine how they would respond to a diagnosis of cancer. The $4 billion-a-year mammogram industry urges women to rely on x-ray tests to protect their health. A new study by researchers from the Nordic Cochrane Center in Demark reviewed the benefits and negative effects of seven breast cancer screening programs on 500,000 women-and the results were shocking.
For instance, if you or a loved one has breast cancer, doctors may recommend the drug Tamoxifen. But the truth is, based on absolute numbers, Tamoxifen reduces the risk of breast cancer returning by 1.6 percent-30 times less than advertised. Despite absolutely no positive results, not one person cured, not a shred of proof these toxins had any benefit whatsoever to a cancer patient, these drugs gained popularity over the decades and are still in use today. Or you may have heard through the major media that by treating early stage breast cancer, there's a 91 percent cure rate over five years. And after reviewing data from over 600 cancer patients who died within 30 days of receiving treatment, it was found that chemotherapy hastened or caused death in 27 percent of cases. If modern medical treatments actually worked, you would see a decline in cancer, NOT an INCREASE! According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, as much as 75 percent of the average oncologists' earnings come from selling chemotherapy drugs in his or her office. Sad as it seems, the harassment of doctors using natural therapies to treat cancers has been going on for more than 50 years in America. When President Ronald Reagan got cancer during his presidency, the great German doctor Hans Nieper, M.D, treated him with natural remedies which will be discussed shortly. Just imagine if the American public knew a sitting president preferred German cancer treatments! Many American cancer patients lose their hair, their dignity and their lives for traditonal barbaric treatments. This is probably the most famous herbal cancer remedy, it was so successful that it went around the world twice, treating thousands of people from all types of cancer. The story goes that a secret herbal formula was passed down from an Indian tribe to a nurse living in Canada. If this information would be made freely available tomorrow to mainstream news, that would mean the end of the billion dollar drug industry, it would be wiped out overnight; huge institutes, million dollar research labs, universities, grants, journals, professors, experts, and cushy multimillion dollar jobs would be erased within a day, and not to mention the fact that someone would have to answer for the hundreds of thousands of dead people who didn't have to die, and the fact that what they were doing was not only wrong, but they kept lying to keep this failing system alive even with overwhelming scientific evidence going against them. The truth is they have been systematically destroying and suppressing any and all natural remedies since the early 1900's!
Despite absolutely no positive results, not one person cured, not a shred of proof their toxins had any benefit whatsoever to a cancer patient, these drugs gained popularity over the decades and are still in use today.
Therefore, the pharmaceutical industry fights the eradication of any disease at all costs. Millions of people and patients around the world are defrauded twice: A major portion of their income is used up to finance the exploding profits of the pharmaceutical industry. This means only the chemicals that come from the factories of pharmaceutical companies can treat you, nothing else.
This is why we have assembled decades of scientific research, studies, and testimonials from award-winning doctors, phsyicians and cancer-free patients into an easy to use cancer busting guide called the 7 Steps to Health and The Big Cancer Lie. In the manual you will discover the following renowned doctors and cancer healers, their story, their cures, and how they were suppressed by Big Pharma all in the name of profits.

More than 85 years ago one of the most remarkable and renowned scientist of our era, named Otto Warburg, won 2 Nobel Prizes for determining the causeof cancer.
If you want to know the real cause of cancer, and why this dieases was unheard of 100 years ago, you will definitely want to read page 49 of The Big Cancer Lie (scientists had to search for weeks all across the country to find someone with cancer in the early 1900's).
We would love to tell you all about all the thousands of successful testimonies from all across the world, but you would be reading this for the next week. After seeing my relatives and close friends fight and lose to cancer, as I watched them suffer while throwing away money on useless drugs, lose their hair from chemo, and go through gruesome mastectomies, I just knew deep in my heart that such barbaric treatments couldn't be the best way of attacking this disease. We took all of our combined knowledge, the suppressed and hidden scientific studies and research data that big pharma has been hiding for years and assembled everything into a simple, easy to follow guide called the 7 Steps to Health and The Big Cancer Lie. We would like to present the definitive cancer busting system that combines a century of cancer research, has been tested by thousands of patients, and includes studies and methods from Nobel Prize winning doctors, cancer researchers and scientists who have decided that sharing this information is more important than profits. There are over 300 anti cancer compounds, therapies, and remedies used by hundreds of thousands of people all across the world.
Big Pharma has done enough to suppress natural remedies and punish those brave doctors and scientists who decided to spread their miraculous healing methods. The following doctors have worked almost their entire careers to bring you natural, safe, and effective healing information.
The information about the private and hidden practices of the ACS (American Cancer Society), the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and the NCI (National Cancer Institute), who will do anything to prevent you from knowing the truth. Find out why even a well meaning doctor doesn't know how to cure you and how you can become smarter than your oncologist in a few days. The 5 question you will want to ask a potential health practitioner to see if he is a Big Pharma supporter or natural healing promoter. 6 amazing hushed-up websites which will help you find a holistic natural doctor to help you get cancer free. Discover how a doctor from Italy was curing patients with a 2-cent solution with over 95% success rates before being hounded by the Italian Medical Association, having his license suspended, and being forced to hide from his peers. Find out the reason your cells clump together and prevent oxygen and nutrients from getting in; leading to the formation of cancer cells and tumors. The extract that programs cancer cells to "self destruct." Proven in laboratory tests and clinical reports. Discover how tumors were slowed, even reversed, in 93 percent of cases with a simple "sunlight" cure.
Thousands of cancer patients report tumors gradually shrink after they eat a combination of flaxseed oil and cottage cheese.
Imagine a natural compound with so much antioxidant power that it reduced the mass of tumors in half. The China Study-the most comprehensive study of nutrition-reveals the simple secret to reducing your risk of breast, prostate or colon cancer to next to nothing.
Along with The Big Cancer Lie you will Receive 7 Steps to Health, a best-selling book on nutrition. Page 137 – Learn the mechanism behind cancer cells as told by Nobel Prize winning doctors and find out how you can totally stop cancer dead in its tracks just by removing this one thing from your diet. Page 35 – How the FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) prohibited the sale of natural remedies even though they knew those remedies could save thousands of lives. Page 241 – Learn the 7 easy steps to perfect health, the culmination of all the research, all the studies, data, and thousands of testimonials into an easy, simple and perfect step by step solution to kick your cancers' butt once and for all. Avoid these soy products that prevent your body from absorbing important and beneficial nutrients. We've got five more EXTRA BONUS GIFTS to give an added boost to your cancer-reversing efforts. FREE GIFT #1: Weekly planer that has been properly designed for the optimal cancer protocol. If you’re serious about not just dealing with, but completely overcoming cancer, then you need to order our program right now. In addition to being a detailed instruction guide, it also contains original Cancer Healing meal suggestions … exercise secrets and inspirational passages from nobel prize winning doctors. Together with your 4 FREE BONUS GIFTS, there are nearly 600 pages of patient-proven instructions for reversing all cancers so you dont have to subject yourself to these barbaric toxic treatments.
Yes, there’s a better way to beat cancer than suffering through the misery of chemo and radiation. So the drug industry hired two notorious doctors to discredit the cancer cure from northern India. Furthermore, they insisted that he write a news story claiming that the natural remedy was worthless for cancer treatment. The lucrative chemotherapy industry is scared to death of the natural cancer cure from northern India. The cancer treatment racket charges $350,000 to $850,000 for treating seriously ill cancer patients. You and your loved ones don’t have to go through these painful, futile treatments if, God forbid, you ever get cancer.
Cancer cells will run loose in your body if the conditions are right – conditions such as a weak immune system and a body chemistry that’s out of whack. Powerful new cancer cures like this one are being suppressed, even censored today in America-even though they could save countless lives.
Mammograms can actually increase a woman's risk of developing breast cancer by as much as 3 percent per year by irradiating the breast cells and triggering breast cancer. Researchers discovered that people with cancer carry different proteins then people with no cancer-and this can be tested by a simple test. In the 1930's Memorial Sloan-Kettering began testing these mustard gas derivatives to treat cancer.
Their only criterion for testing was; which toxic compound will kill some of the cancer cells before it kills the patient. That's the statistics from many doctors; a quarter of people that do absolutely nothing, no chemo, no radiation, no orthodox or even alternative methods cure themselves of cancer. A cure rate of 2% is so abysmally low in the medical world, it is astounding they still even consider calling chemo and radiation worthy treatments. If you don't do anything at all, you have a 25% chance of surviving, but if you start utilizing some simple, natural cures currently used today around the world in many clinics, you have a 70-95% chance of survival.
5: The FTC Launches a Covert Campaign to Censor Natural Cancer Remedies and Financially Ruin Doctors and Companies Offering Them. Doctors treating malignant tumors with detoxification, immune stimulation, nutrient, herb and juice fasting secrets from Europe, Tibet, China and India have been persecuted and booted out of the U.S.
But the president of the United States was treated with natural remedies and lived until the lively age of 93, but he certainly didn't die of cancer. Because if the news of his astounding recovery and perfect health due to natural treatments would have collapsed the pharmaceutical industry overnight.
Girls face a 35 per cent chance of developing breast cancer by the time they are 40----which is 75 times greater than the average.

You are worth anywhere from $300,000 to $1,000,000 to Big Pharma from your cancer treatments. Like other industries, the pharmaceutical industry tries to expand their market - that is to maintain ongoing diseases and to find new diseases for their drugs. The pharmaceutical industry itself is the main obstacle, why today's most widespread diseases are further expanding including heart attacks, strokes, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis, and many others. Big Pharma has a monopoly on your health and they are not about to jeopardize their trillion dollar profits by teaching you inexpensive and powerful natural remedies. It's quite shocking for most people to discover that their medication isn't really doing anything to cure their disease. With my health industry background, I embarked on a massive research effort to find the truth about cancer which turned into a 6 year full-time pursuit of alternative, inexpensive and natural ways to treat and beat cancer and other diseases.
You deserve to be informed about the variety of safer, cheaper and faster methods of attacking cancer.
And a study from Austria showed that "the lucky women given [this compound] with their food quickly exhibited a higher concentration of cancer-fighting immune-system cells, increased antibody production, and a markedly improved level of infection-fighting and oxygen carrying red blood cells (hemoglobin). You deserve to know the most effective and most powerful cancer treatments that are inexpensive, simple, and can be done right at home. We want to promote only real powerful healing information that is non-toxic, safe, natural, and inexpensive.
You won't want to miss a single one of the alternative treatments, protocols, and cures people are using right now to beat cancer. Since the cancer cell develops a thick protein coating around its cells, this compound is crucial to any successful cancer protocol. Helps restore the pancreas and liver to health so your cancer defenses naturally take over to destroy tumors. Helps restore the pancreas and liver to health so your cancer defenses naturally take over to destroy tumors. Research shows that cancer patients almost always have a low level of Natural Killer (NK) cells in their bodies. But the substance of this food is the only breakthrough that shrinks cancer cells and blocks their spread.
When taken in high doses, proteolytic enzymes "digest" cancerous tissues and break down fibrin molecules in the bloodstream. This FREE GUIDE on The benefits of water (worth $5.33) brings you the many water cures being used by doctors worldwide to help alleviate and treat many chronic and lifelong diseases and ailments like arthtritis, heartburn, migraines and angina simply and easily.
I knew hardly anything about cancer until cancer killed seven of my family members, including my mom and dad! And through the 1940s and early 1950s, these San Francisco doctors continued using this natural cancer remedy. It turns out that his bosses had a conflict of interest: financial ties to the chemotherapy industry.
If this cure were widely known, it could bring an abrupt end to their obscene profits for drugs that don’t work.
The FDA approved it as a treatment for cancer because it supposedly improved survival by 12 days!
In my book I’ll tell you how to cancer proof yourself so your body is like the forest that stubbornly refuses to catch fire. Did you hear the heartbreaking story of an Arizona woman who was told she had a rare, incurable cancer of the bone marrow.
You can get the same cure rate by doing nothing, as breast cancer is a very slow growing cancer. So with the current modern medical 2% cure rate, chemo and radiation is killing off the 25% of people that would have otherwise survived by doing absolutely nothing. The FDA approved it as a treatment for cancer because it supposedly improved survival by 12 days! Prevention and cure of diseases damages the pharmaceutical business and the eradication of common diseases threatens its very existence. And if a doctor decides to treat their patients with a natural remedy, even if it's over 90% successful, that means he is breaking the law and his license will be suspended and he may even be sentenced to jail (which has happened numerous times to honest medical doctors). Then why were there tens of thousands of people who kept coming to them in droves, from all across the world, and all experiencing astounding results. When he came to America to teach students at Berkeley University, he stated that there is no disease that we know more about the cause and the cure than cancer.
He was pressured from his doctors to start chemo as soon as possible for his skin cancer but he didn't want to believe them. Incredibly enough, it's so cost-effective the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has banned it from the U.S. Yet the National Cancer Institute claims it "lacks substantial anti-cancer activity." Sheeesh!. All I ask is that you refrain from disbelieving while I show you my proof, which includes photographic proof. For six years, she lived under a death sentence, and the fear of cancer nearly ruined her life. In the 1940's more testing was conducted at Yale; out of 160 patient treated nobody was cured. Companies that get too successful with cancer treatment are shut down by FDA lawsuits that are supported directly by the pharmaceutical companies. He read the book, and through constant support from Max, was back on his feet in three weeks! Not only did I stumble upon thousands of people who cured their cancer naturally, but I discovered hundreds of doctors who were curing cancer since the early 1900's and the colossal suppression, deceit, and lies spewed out from the government and the so called 'health' agencies. It has cured patients whose doctors gave them only weeks or months to live, proving those doctors wrong. The natural cancer cures were being radically suppressed and the doctors or scientists who brought them into the public were ridiculed, shunned by the medical community, sued, jailed, and even thrown out of the country. Please, if you're told you have cancer, get a second opinion, even if your doctor is well respected.
Brusch treated and cured his own cancer with the herbs and his records are still preserved. She stayed on the level 3 protocol, had huge doses of the miracle remedy as talked about in chapter 5, and in another 2 weeks she had no more tumors in her breasts, and her latest doctors visit declared her cancer free.

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